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What's your favourite physical sport? (to do or to watch)

#Sport #Sports #TheFediverseSpeaks

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If you could only keep one, which would it be... ??? 🤔 #fediverse #matrix #poll 🗳️

Ok! I’ve just got a () Beats Fit Pro because of all the great ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews and **USB-C**. Let’s see how magic this Spatial Audio is.

BP reports huge profits as energy bills soar: That’s why we put people in power to represent us! 😅🤪🫠🫥

Running iOS beta, phone gets too hot, remove the case to help cool… OH MY GOD! THIS PHONE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! (Black iPhone 12 mini) 📱😍

Star Wars trailers always look good 🤩😅

It is summer break, so it’s time to start shaping the 2023 driver lineup!

Notes isn't refreshing the list of folders automatically on Ventura after downloading notes from iCloud - FB10980964

My first hours with macOS Ventura and my first impressions about Stage Manager are very positive so far. It helps organise the mess of windows, nicer than spaces and minimising a window makes more sense now. Let's see how it will be in the coming days.

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The Fediverse has spoken, the most popular way of eating food is...

A knife and fork 🍴

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