I wonder if there are Mastodon communities for fashion. πŸ€”

I wonder if there are open culture clothes, and what that might mean.

How are clothes made? Can this be done in a decentralized way which benefits from the sharing of information? πŸ€”

#Fashion #OpenCulture #FreeCulture

@MadestMadness Haven't found sewist communities on Mastodon, only individual sewists.

Some hackerspaces are devoting space and time to it, but it requires a seed of someone who knows what they're doing and can show the ropes. But they're usually not free, because the material costs are significant. Ultimately, making your own clothes isn't cheaper than buying, in both time and materials.

I still do it (some, I'm more of a quilter) because it's fun and I like it.


@sashakovich @MadestMadness the economics of this are sad and don't surprise me at all :-( but now I'm wondering - does it change at all when repair/alterations are factored in? Patching jeans, replacing zippers, darning socks (is that even still technically feasible with modern fabrics?), that kind of stuff.

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