@telent @fdroidorg Banned from Google Play for being an alternative that Google make no money off. 🤷

@telent Like @cccam said, Google is banning apps that serve as alternatives to its services. F-Droid and Aptoide are alternatives to Google Play that Google can't control -> banned. NewPipe is an alternative to Google's YouTube app that even doesn't show ads -> banned.

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hell yeah vertical integration babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


I'd be grateful if anybody could provide an actual reference to Google's terms of service to back up this assertion.

For #FDroid, it would indeed appear to contravene § 4.5 (play.google.com/intl/ALL_us/ab) which is super shitty of them and it'd be interesting to see what the #EC thinks of it.

But I couldn't find a generic ban of “alternative” apps. 🤔

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Google don't have to give a reason to remove things from their store. They don't like F-Droid for providing an alternative, they don't like apps that are free on FDroid and paid on Play (because more are likely to go to FDroid to not pay, meaning Google gets no spying done)

Google removes everything they don't like. Google are dicks.

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