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Daniel Barlow ๐Ÿšด @telent@mastodon.social


Apparently AHB is a variant of some bus used on ARM platforms so I wouldn't have expected to find it in this extremely cheap low-spec MIPS device. But nothing surprises me any more

image almost but not quite small enough to fit in this device's 4MB flash (I'm currently tftp loading it into ram), but it looks like I may have forgotten to enable some wireless-related config options

we haz wifi /

(not usefully yet. we have the kernel drivers, but no real idea about userland yet)

number nnn in a series of presently-rather-irregular wins: I have the Yun (thus, AR9331) working again. I don't *need* it to work but if I'm going to turn this little trendnet n150 into a wifi ap then its nice to have a similar device with more ram to test on

Do they mean its missing spokes or does the rim not go all the way round?

If my eyes did this I can tell you I'd be causing sensation a lot further afield than just Birmingham

"Zeno, there's a tortoise on his way here who wants a word with you."

Looks like the kids have decided to convert to Agile while I was out

Simple Minds clearly still have some work outstanding to become GDPR-compliant

Batman vs Superman spoiler Show more

significantly improved transfer speed (switched from rsync-over-ssh to duplicity+rsync daemon)

in "production" :-) :-)
first rsync backup onto the usb drive plugged into my gl-mt300a router

and now with working dhcp as well :-) took longer than expected only because busybox dhcp is silent on its need for its config script to be chmod +x

"And this is my bike, but sometimes I let Mummy or Daddy ride on it"

near city road/old st: the Dazzne P3 camera that used to live inside this case. Handlebar mount putting the "cracked" into the phrase "not all its cracked up to be" :-(

When your tap* needs written instructions, you may have overcomplicated the UI

* US: faucet. Or so I'm led to believe