although I do rather like the "behind the lyrics" thing, which is oddly reminiscent of watching the Chart Show (Amiga/Video Toaster FTW)

epsilon with http error checking. maybe not the prettiest but more informative when my ssh tunnel times out than sitting there silently

up to my usual standards of "pretty", but can now create new tags and add them to messages in epsilon mua


For one brief moment I thought "Expected on" was an estimate for the society, not just for some book about it :-(

epsilon now abusing css to render the message tags as little pointy luggage labels

It serves pages to my phone! Its broken in many important ways that make it unusable, true, but nix-build is making a jar and the jar serves my re-frame app

now on day 2 of directionless mucking about with epsilon css and remembering why I'm a programmer not a designer

Can anyone ID this bathroom light fitting? Usually flush with the ceiling, I was able to pull it out that far but no further. I think it may be an FGLED6 or something

"necessary". You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means

my notmuch web interface begins to look serviceable :-)

Q: what's the hardest part of learning to Rollerblade Show more

well, I wasn't expecting it to go quite that smoothly

made kexec pass the dtb when booting uimage on mips, made mips ralink understand that a dtb was passed, this is *good* as it means, finally, that we can pass parameters on a kexec reboot. Blog tomorrow (technically later today) when I have tidied up and pushed stuff

does that really do what I think it does? time for bed, I reckon

I made a usb-serial controlled USB cable to switch power on and off remotely for my usb-powered device. The arduino yun is overkill for this task, certainly, but it's what I had to hand

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