woohoo! a wayland compositor in luajit!

(before anyone gets their hopes up, this is basically the Hello World compositor, it's a long way from usable)

"Thanks for your mail. I will reach out to them this evening"

"cloud", "affordable" and "predictable performance characteristics" is the new CAP theorem. Pick any two

but why would I *want* to lose 58 minutes from my 8 hours?

my talk is not until Friday ... just because I haven't started work on the presentation until now, you can't say *yet* that I'm leaving it until the last minute.

Clockwise from right: the router board itself, the raspberry pi which its serial console is connected to, and the Arduino yun which controls its power. Yes, there are some obvious potential simplifications that could be made

Messing about with a and mavlink/qgroundcontrol and all that. Fortunately this is in the simulator ...

Even a thinkpad x1 carbon doesn't survive going under a taxi wheel, it seems :-(

although I do rather like the "behind the lyrics" thing, which is oddly reminiscent of watching the Chart Show (Amiga/Video Toaster FTW)

epsilon with http error checking. maybe not the prettiest but more informative when my ssh tunnel times out than sitting there silently

up to my usual standards of "pretty", but can now create new tags and add them to messages in epsilon mua


For one brief moment I thought "Expected on" was an estimate for the society, not just for some book about it :-(

epsilon now abusing css to render the message tags as little pointy luggage labels

It serves pages to my phone! Its broken in many important ways that make it unusable, true, but nix-build is making a jar and the jar serves my re-frame app

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