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Daniel Barlow ๐Ÿšด @telent@mastodon.social

those words do not mean what you think they mean Show more

Less than 4MB! Albeit using the slightly brutal method of telling squashfs to skip any file matching lib*.a

There are no compilers on the target, I shouldn't need any static libraries should I?

@pinkprius I suspect they're not as bendy IRL as the picture makes them look ;-)

aha. it shouldn't. the problem is I had an old version of nix-shell linked in my profile. Upgrade to the one in Nix 2 and the problem went away

where on a nixos installation should NIX_REMOTE=daemon be set? It seems to have come unset somehow on this one

mind you, here I am subtooting about it :-(

Just deleted an unsolicited "have you tried nixos? it makes cross-compiling much tidier" toot unsent, feels a little too much like being That Guy

รพ in my side (I should have known ฮฒ)

@mike cynical view:
- "more companies than ever are looking for people who will carry on working on their stuff for free in the evenings"
- "demand for self-taught devops people who don't ask about the training budget continues to grow"
- "lots of employers want the cachet of having FOSS-famous people on staff who no longer have free time to work on the projects that made them well-known"

@cwebber this is awesome. I learned so much from having these books in my school library

because "ei8ht" looks dumb, is my guess

@pushcx where did you end up? In the UK I have nothing but good things to say about Bytemark (@mbloch) tho' they're not quite as cheap as the absolute bargain basement providers

discourse.nixos.org/t/new-proj on phones: really looking forward to trying this if I can find my old Galaxy Nexus (I think it's probably under a sofa somewhere)

ICYWW: this week's nixwrt update will be tomorrow not today as I'm on a deadline right now

@paulfree14 @Gargron "You've read four toots this month. Let's make it official!"

I click 'back' whenever I end up on Medium because their nag screens are naggy. If they expect people to share/boost/retweet pointers to their content, they (imo) would be better not to put obstacles in the path of people who want to follow those pointers.


Apparently AHB is a variant of some bus used on ARM platforms so I wouldn't have expected to find it in this extremely cheap low-spec MIPS device. But nothing surprises me any more

image almost but not quite small enough to fit in this device's 4MB flash (I'm currently tftp loading it into ram), but it looks like I may have forgotten to enable some wireless-related config options