@Andrea @mike @joshsharp they didn't announce their coming but, according to wikipedia, they gave you 30-40 days amnesty after arriving before they started with the trials and tortures en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_

@Elizafox TBF it's not like the documentation doesn't warn you of this though

@cwebber I've never actually bothered to set up anything of the kind in practice, of course. Too many projects already and not enough time

@cwebber my opinion has always been that I'd settle for carrying a personal surveillance device (GSM phone) if I could restrict my interactions with it to AT commands that I would send it from something else (like a PDA) that preserves my freedom. Maybe even over bluetooth to completely separate hardware. The problem these days in integrated devices is that the baseband cpu is controller of everything, not just a bit player for shifting bits.

TIL it's apparently pronounced "leebray lounge" not "leebruh lounge" as I thought. Just listening to ep1 of @cwebber & @emacsen podcast, and wondering if you've tried postmarketos

@mala was that the one where you went through your ~/bin directory describing each script? Or I recall something about spreadsheets. It was a long time ago, but I'm about 80% certain I was there

I didn't caption this image, I am a bad person. It was a screengrab of konsole running in a wlroots-X11 window, nothing to get too excited about

and although it works with konsole it doesn't work with weston-terminal - don't ask me why, but I suspect that weston-terminal doesn't acknowledge key events unless it has the pointer focus, and I haven't started pointer support yet

fenestra (my lua wayland compositor) can run konsole and accept keystrokes

... but no modifiers yet, so lowercase only

@loke yes, good point. I was thinking about window decorations, but there's still a need to render the input widgets to show they're "live"

@Andrea wayland's decision to use "client-side decorations". I hadn't thought about accessibility - I can't see offhand any way in which it would be relevant but I could easily be missing it - so thanks for bringing it up

I forgot to tag this ranty mini-thread with but I assure you I am not intentionally sub-tooting.

also why does it care if it has "focus", whatever that means? either it's getting all the keyboard/mouse/touch/pad/stylus events or it's getting some of them or it's getting none of them. What does it do differently if the user is typing into a different window vs the user is not typing anywhere? Should it even be able to tell?

Surely there were better ways to accommodate "clients want to render their windows without the display manager adding an empty draggable strip at the top" than by making the clients responsible for dragging themselves and controlling their own stacking order? Naively I'd have expected a client shouldn't know or care if it's being rendered at the top of display 2 or the bottom of display 4 or on the side of the houses of parliament

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