dumb question: does anyone know if nix on macos requires xcode to have been installed or is it self-contained?

@bremner thanks, I looked at it a while back but subsequently forgot it existed :-( my recollection is that it's set up for desktop browsers & a bit fiddly on mobile, but I could be misrepresenting it utterly, I should take another look

Experiments in a docker container suggest that installing Nix on top of Debian is straightforward enough that I might just punt on non-Nix installation instructions for Epsilon for now.

It does probably use about a zillion GB of extra disk, that is true. I don't think this is a decision I will avoid having to reconsider.

@simon_brooke they've already done similar in other areas of the borough and the difference is like night and day. Haters gonna hate, I guess

@simon_brooke our local authority is consulting on introducing some "modal filters" and traffic calming to decrease through traffic on residential roads. Depressingly large number of "anti-" people suggesting that restricting motor traffic is against the interest of old people, kids, "the disabled". markhousearea.commonplace.is/s

@fuji @tom_dalling in terms of api, makes no difference I think - my current side project is clj on the server but it could as easily be rails or sinatra or anything, it's all just json. in terms of workflow/build tooling, having bundler and the cljs build system in the same project might be interesting

github.com/telent/epsilon/blob If you are using and , and you know how to , and you have really good backups of your mail server and its data[*], you might like to look at the work-in-progress Epsilon, which aspires to be a mobile-friendly web interface to notmuch .

[*} I realise this may be quite a small group of people

although I do rather like the "behind the lyrics" thing, which is oddly reminiscent of watching the Chart Show (Amiga/Video Toaster FTW)

I gave in and signed up for spotify premium, mostly so I could stream to the radio in the kitchen. Android client UX is lacking, though, and frequently seems to lose sync with what the hardware (spotify connect) is playing.

Might just have to figure out how to talk to its DLNA and then go back to playing music I own

@liw expect you've seen this already, but (just in case/for the crowd) twitter.com/garybernhardt/stat - case study in how to criticise patches without being a jerk

@tom_dalling if you're open to languages that aren't JS - currently using: re-frame (FRPish, built on reagent/react); have used: Om (react interface with immutable data) / would like to learn: Elm

@floppy it has recursion, conditionals and lists, I'd be super-surprised if it isn't

Stop saying RSS is dead people. I'm literally using it to read your shitty article about how it's dead

@hntooter @turion I used to say that RSS stood neither for "Really Simple Syndication" nor "Rich Site Summary" but for "Really Seven Standards". As an independent blogger, fragmentation certainly didn't help (nor did woolly and imprecise specs) but I think GooTwitFace would have killed RSS just as effectively even had there only been one of it.

@aral @ebel nobody's saying it's not important. But using the right names for things is also important: we have enough trouble explaining "free" already without it being co-opted by someone who needs a word for [A]GPL

epsilon with http error checking. maybe not the prettiest but more informative when my ssh tunnel times out than sitting there silently

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