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Daniel Barlow 🚴 @telent@mastodon.social

Another thrilling blog installment in which not much has been accomplished. ww.telent.net/2018/3/20/lede_b

@Fen PROTIP PROTIP: doesn't work recursively though

Protip: Adding protip to the start of your tip instantly makes you 5% more credible

By which I mean, it worked first time. I like these little gli boxes mastodon.social/media/FzDfkkzB

Gl-mt300a has arrived :-) Using a raspberry pi gpio pins as a TTL serial port because I don't have a pl2303 or similar anywhere handy.

This is whole levels of less painful than trying to get serial console on the wr842 was. mastodon.social/media/myjqcTMF

This week's progress report contains little of progress and even less of . More of a "next steps" report really. ww.telent.net/2018/3/6/grandma

@hirojin I concede freely that my github is a junkheap of abandonware, but I'd never ever have thought to describe it as "clean" mastodon.social/media/3ACyl8Z8

visualization of a modem negotiating a connection

@seanl I use kindle in airplane mode for books: eink display much easier on the eyes than LCD screen

I done a blog - ww.telent.net/2018/2/28/musl_m - latest thrilling installment in my "making embedded MIPS Linux images with Nix" project. This week

* it moved (update your bookmarks or whatever)
* switch from glibc to musl

@seanl I decided to try this "de-google" thing when I got my new phone last week (partly because finding aarm gapps for 8.1 seems to involve way too much clicking around on XDA threads) but messaging - esp. messages that interoperates with anything anyone else has heard of - does seem to be the weak point.

@soft_chomps I remember spending the 1990s boycotting Diamond so they would change their no-Linux-support stance. No idea if they ever did though

remember when high end graphics cards looked like this and not like this

@amz3 it does look uncannily similar. I wish rdf had a better way to say ”this was true as of time t", though

I think "failing to find all the nginx config for the streaming service" is probably part of why it's not working. Damn, docker doesn't do all of this for me :-( github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

Wherever the documentation is for linking a new server into the federation, it's less obvious than I need it to be at 11pm