A tooting hello to all new users & testers!

Loving all your feedback, likes & stars ❤️ Keep it coming!

@telephant Should I assume it's not meant to support multiple accounts at this time?


Correct! As mentioned in the README, that's planned but still in the works.

@telephant The Windows installer failed to remind me the readme exists. I do remember the first post I saw mentioning one. I'll go read that...


Well, it's not really an installer but a standalone executable.

Find the README here:

@telephant Already ahead of you.

Right now, the most function-related feedback I can give is that when I reply, it would be nice if it would jump focus to let me type immediately. Followed by tab or something letting me get to the button to send said reply. Still, it looks promising!


Thanks for the feedback! You're right, it should definitely set the focus correctly. Will fix that!

@telephant As someone who runs things full screen and has large monitors, it makes my life easier :)

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