We're getting closer to a first public release!

You can now post images and other media in Telephant, and posts now show all their attached media items in the panes.

As usual, I've already updated the latest 0.1pre releases, so you can check those changes out yourself!

Get it here:

@telephant Looks nice. I tried it, and had some parse error messages when connecting to a Pleroma instance. it's trying to parse what looks like a random sting as an int.

Another question, is it possible to switch to light background? I'm quite sensitive to lack of contrast so I need that.



Thank you for the kind feedback!

Sorry for the Pleroma issues you experienced, but here's the good news: I may have just fixed them and already uploaded new builds, so you can try it out yourself. Let me know if you still run into issues!

The light theme is almost done, but I still need to update the image assets for that to look nice.

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@telephant @loke @kaniini it says released 10 days ago tho, no indication it's being updated daily

@clarjon1 @kaniini @loke

Yeah, sorry about that. I usually announce it here along with the changes I made. I guess I could wipe the pre-release and/or re-tag every time I do that, as well.

@telephant looks nice. would be nice to check /api/v1/instance for the character limit and use that instead of hardcoding 500 if the limit is present (max_toot_chars). also would be nice to support content_type extension, shared between Pleroma and Glitch.


As far as I was aware the (character) limits API is still in development - at least on the Mastodon API side. Sounds like Pleroma just added a custom field here?

Got to read up on that, thanks for the feedback!


/api/v1/instance max_toot_chars has been around for 2 years in glitch and pleroma.

i am sure gargron will invent some other way to do it, but that's the one we use for 2 years now.
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