Here it is, the first release candidate of Telephant 0.1:

Static binaries for Linux & Windows are ready to download! Arch users can simply install "telephant-git" from the AUR.

Packages for other Linux distros and a macOS binary will follow soon!

@telephant Looks nice, doesn't show images though? Assuming in the works. But good start


Should show images just fine. Which platform are you running this on?

@telephant xubuntu 18.04 click on an image and it opens the default web browser, also the number keypad doesn't work (and yes, numlock is on). The regular keyboard numbers do work.


It's currently opening media in your browser indeed. Will probably need some more time to integrate proper media playback.

They keypad should work fine. Are we talking about composing a new post here?

@telephant I was trying to type the 18.04 in xubuntu 18.04 and the numpad numbers don't work. /*-+ (thise keys do work from the numpad though, hmm...) I'll try it with a new post. (the numpad Enter key works too)

@telephant It was on Ubuntu. To clarify, it wasn't showing preview/thumbnails in the feed.


That's odd. Running (and displaying images) just fine on Ubuntu here.

Which version/derivative of Ubuntu?

@telephant Was 19.04... swithed to Ubuntu-MATE


couple of questions:
will this support custom char limits eventually?
right click support on windows?
pics and media?
custom emojis?

you can just tell me to shut the fuck up too.. :) i know it's a like prerelease and all and i don't want to be a dick slamming you with 'durrr' questions and being all herp derp at you


Hah, never hesitate to ask away!

I'd love to support custom char limits, but the API for that is still in development. I hear Pleroma has some custom API response, but I haven't looked into that (just yet).

Pics/Media should already work? If they don't for you, which platform are you on?

(Custom) Emojis are a bunch of work, and it's not on the top of my todo-list, but it's definitely a "yes, eventually!".


my instance runs glitch-soc so the char limit is way bigger since that's just a setting in .env.production

i'm not seeing a place to to attach media and ctrl-v didn't work - there's also no response to any right click on the interface at all :P
also i see no way to reopen columns if they close (oops i closed them.. lol)

i'm on win10 (fast ring)


other wise this looks awesome and i'm totally stoked there will be a windows client finally - it's literally the only reason i have a browser open at all most of the time and well.. fuck chrome


Drag and drop for attaching media works.

What kind of options do you expect to be tucked away behind a right-click / context menu?

You're right, you can't really re-open any columns, however their state isn't preserved yet, so you can simply restart the app. There have to be reasons this isn't called 1.0 after all, right? 😆


oooh drag and drop is good - i didn't think about that at all

well you know the usual right click shit i guess?
open (media/pic)
markup options?
maybe scope/cw? but i guess the normal mastodon way is have that on the input box

yeah i guess i just didn't know if it wasn't implemented yet or i was being an old and missing it :youtried:


drag and don't


now i feel like i'm just being annoying and needy so i'm just gonna go to bed


Hah, not at all. Someone's gotta test-drive it on Windows for me.

Thanks for all the feedback you provide!

I haven't used a programming language since Atari basic or Borland's turbo Pascal but I'd be more than happy to help test on win10 and against glitchsoc if you need.


I'd really appreciate that! It's always hard to test all details across all platforms. Especially when you're the sole developer at such an early stage of a project's life.

@telephant feel free to DM me anytime you need to me throw a massive pile of my stupidity at it :)

@telephant Can I use this for Ubuntu 18.04 like earlier? Or should I wait?


You can run this on Ubuntu 18.04 as you did with the previous development snapshots. I'm still working on a proper Ubuntu package in the meantime 😊

@Cedara @telephant Yes. It should be usable in 18.04. I'm running that myself and I haven't had any issues with the precompiled binaries as of yet.

I've only ever encountered issues when compiling from source thanks to compatibility problems with the slightly older Qt libraries used in our distro. That said, I'm working with the dev to get those issues resolved so that it works regardless of what installation method we use.

@rtfm @Cedara @KitsuneAlicia

You could try using torsocks, but I must admit I haven't tried it in combination with Telephant myself, so far.

@telephant I tried torify and torsocks, but the same error, no connection

@Cedara @KitsuneAlicia

@rtfm @Cedara @KitsuneAlicia

Actually looking at how torsocks works, that makes sense. Go doesn't depend on libc for network requests, so its hooks won't work.

I guess using a socks proxy would be an alternative. I'll try that soon and post about it.

@telephant Replying from Telephant! Looks great. Could do with a local timeline column though. Maybe something to make an option in a later release?


Definitely. All those feeds (local, federated, searches) will come!

@telephant Wonderful! Getting one step closer to escaping the browser!

@telephant Whoo! So I get an app I can run on my one non-Apple system (refurbished HP Elitebook running Ubuntu,) thus closing the gap!

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