So many Telephant updates recently:

- Image/video viewer
- Reply/boost/like counters
- Search feature
- Support for more panes & lists
- File-picker for uploads
- Performance improvements
- ...and a ton of bugfixes!

On Arch, simply install telephant-git.

Check out the build instructions for Ubuntu or download a static binary for Linux or Windows here:

(Note: the static binary may not support video playback and platform integration on all systems)


A lightweight but modern Mastodon client, written in Go & QML.

@telephant Does the static binary depend on system's Qt installation? I get a sigsegv & panic on Linux Mint 19.3.


No, it ships with Qt but depends on Xorg, PulseAudio, and a few image and audio decoders.

Can you pastebin the ouput, please?


Installing a Mint VM as we speak. Looks like it's missing some dependency indeed.

@telephant Thanks! BTW if you can think of any potential packages, I can test them on my machine.


Can you try:

sudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install qml-module-qtquick*


Ok, that's not it.

I just noticed that when I try to start it multiple times it eventually does work. But crashes soon after with a similar error. I'll try to build it natively under Mint now and see if that helps.

@telephant That's what I experienced after I ran the apt command. Was trying to figure out why.


Hm, it also looks like the outdated Qt version Mint 19.3 ships may be a problem for Telephant. In the worst case we'll have to wait for the next Mint release 😞


Ok, building Telephant natively on Mint kinda works, except for the stuff that depends on a newer Qt version (expected). I may or may not be able to get around that, but at least I'll give it a shot.

@telephant Have you considered releasing AppImages? Depending on distro packages is always hit and miss given the level of entropy involved. With AppImage you use whatever libs you want. I use a couple and they're pretty seamless (tho I haven't seen the developers' side of things yet).

BTW If there's anything I can help with testing, hit me up later in the week. I'd be glad to help.


Yeah, certainly open to that and other distribution options. That said, I'll probably need help with packaging. I just wouldn't have the time to hack on anything anymore, otherwise 😂

@telephant That's good news! I haven't gotten to trying out making appimages yet, so IDK much about the practicalities, but appimage devs are often helpful.

That said I think I'll give it a try in a few days or so, a good opportunity to learn about appimages too for me. But I may become a nuisance for you because I know too little about your stack (worst case I dabble with it for some time and fail, but still).

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