Fresh from the oven: Telephant v0.1rc3!

Just two small fixes, in preparation for further packages & binary releases:

- Set previous mentions as initial text for replies
- Fix potential crash on startup

Ready to try it out? Get it here:

@telephant still getting an error 😣
qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
qrc:/qml/telephant.qml:224 Cannot assign to non-existent property "rightInset"


Thanks for the heads up!

I'm afraid that's what's currently happening with older Ubuntus, which come with Qt <5.12. I'm working on resolving this, though!

@telephant Thanks for the quick response. Yes it is a - Ubuntu based. However, according to the package manager it is libqt5.9.5
But I don't know much about all that 🙄


jfi: I've added a note to the README with the current requirements. Will make a special announcement here, should I manage to get it running with older versions of Qt!

Thanks for your feedback again!


I don't test it with Pleroma, but from what I hear it's mostly working as it provides an API-compatibility layer.

Happy to look into any reported issues!

@telephant i will take a look. mb even contributing an ebuild but dont quote me on that. i have no experience in go


That would be awesome! ❤️

Happy to help out with Go / entire build process! I have no experience with writing ebuilds, though, but I'm sure we can combine forces there 😄

@telephant i did a quick search, there are no good examples (i think since most go packages seems to be some docker stuff and i have no idea how flatcar or core os are handling these things)

anyway there is a go eclass with some basic functions we can use.

i think i will write a basic ebuild file and than ask u about the specific build process and dependencies or other questions which might come up

@telephant I can't seem to be able to register with an account on v0.1rc3 (Windows) - always shows an "unauthorized" after pasting in the access token.

I still have an old v0.1pre version around - when I connect to an account with that and then run the latest release, my timeline loads.

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