I don't think so, as I'm using it with KDE myself πŸ˜„


Interesting idea, could you try and confirm that, please?


That's rather strange indeed, and I can't reproduce it at a first glance. It should really close when you click anywhere outside of the pane.

Which Qt version are you building this with?

In slightly related news, I've revamped the entire modal / popup situation a bit, which should make the entire GUI behave a bit more consistent. In a repository near you real soon 😊


Ouch, I'm terribly sorry for that! Will fix that asap. I'm a bit surprised the API actually lets you do that, though. That's not how I understood the documentation 😞

@switchingsocial@mastodon.at @UnclearFuture @sengi_app

Yeah, as soon as there is a proper API to retrieve the character limit.

@rtfm @Cedara @KitsuneAlicia

Actually looking at how torsocks works, that makes sense. Go doesn't depend on libc for network requests, so its hooks won't work.

I guess using a socks proxy would be an alternative. I'll try that soon and post about it.

@rtfm @Cedara @KitsuneAlicia

You could try using torsocks, but I must admit I haven't tried it in combination with Telephant myself, so far.


That's odd. Running (and displaying images) just fine on Ubuntu here.

Which version/derivative of Ubuntu?


I'll have to look into supporting FreeBSD. In theory it should be possible, but it looks like the Go-bindings just aren't prepared for it.


I'd really appreciate that! It's always hard to test all details across all platforms. Especially when you're the sole developer at such an early stage of a project's life.


Hah, not at all. Someone's gotta test-drive it on Windows for me.

Thanks for all the feedback you provide!


Definitely. All those feeds (local, federated, searches) will come!


Ok, that's rather strange. Can't reproduce that on any of my systems, but I'll see if can find anything.


Drag and drop for attaching media works.

What kind of options do you expect to be tucked away behind a right-click / context menu?

You're right, you can't really re-open any columns, however their state isn't preserved yet, so you can simply restart the app. There have to be reasons this isn't called 1.0 after all, right? πŸ˜†


It's currently opening media in your browser indeed. Will probably need some more time to integrate proper media playback.

They keypad should work fine. Are we talking about composing a new post here?


Hah, never hesitate to ask away!

I'd love to support custom char limits, but the API for that is still in development. I hear Pleroma has some custom API response, but I haven't looked into that (just yet).

Pics/Media should already work? If they don't for you, which platform are you on?

(Custom) Emojis are a bunch of work, and it's not on the top of my todo-list, but it's definitely a "yes, eventually!".


You can run this on Ubuntu 18.04 as you did with the previous development snapshots. I'm still working on a proper Ubuntu package in the meantime 😊

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