I hate likes. I never use them, and I believe that it's one of the many little inventions that ruined both our social media, and our mediated society. The reason we degraded from Livejournal to Facebook.
When I want to tell another human being that I like what they wrote, I use more than a single bit of data.


Learning the way modern Anglophone internet thinks feels much more difficult than learning English. It's like a new culture shock every day.

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Saw a tweet today, saying something like "if you're black and homophobic, you don't want equality, you want privilege", and it took me an effort to process what its author actually meant.
Where I'm from, nobody uses the terms like "equality" or "justice" unironically. The default is realpolitik. It's a given that, naturally, everyone wants nothing but more power for themselves, what else.
"Equality" is seen just as a convenient banner for those with little privilege to fight for more.

Can anyone explain: is federation transitive? That is, if instance A is federated with instance B, and B with C, does it mean C is federated with A, or it could be banned at A while federated with B?

Just watched Sorry to Bother You (thanks to @kioskwitch for randomly recommending it). And, well... I already knew I'm sick and tired of the world of blandness that the mainstream Hollywood is, but this flick, by contrast, made me realize just how much. That was epic, in Brechtian sense, demolishing its very medium to deliver the message.
Disney is probably already lobbying a bill to make this kind of moviemaking illegal.

Movie spoilers 

I hate it when people treat art as puzzles designed for you to find a solution. Movies aren't trivia shows.
Again, with the BlacKKKlansman: you can't *prove* that it is or isn't Flip, because the scene is not a police report. Its very point is paranoia: it can't be him, but WHAT IF?
That's your take away from art: all the "what if"s, and "oh shit"s, and sobs, and giggles, not a Canonically True Answer.
Forget about the canon. Engage with the show.

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There's no right way to watch #movies, but there's one very wrong one. 

Have you seen BlacKKKlansman? Who's the man under the hood in the end? Is it Flip?
Or, in Taxi Driver, what's up with the happy ending? Is it a dying dream? Or did they really make Travis a hero?
Or, maybe, the most well-known example: in Inception, did the spinning top fall in the end?
All these questions have the same answer: yes. Yes, this is the question the movie ends on. Intentionally. 1/2

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Don't worry we have some time left so be weird

Question! Is there a way to browse a certain instance's local timeline without making an alt account on that instance? Maybe there's a client to allow you to do that? Or a regexp like *(at)certain.instance you need to enter... SOMEWHERE?

Maybe I should re-read Jeff Noon's Vurt trilogy, since it looks like I've got into that territory, and... Might as well refresh the source of so much inspiration in my life :)

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Speaking of my unfinished (ok, barely started :) fantasy novel. I let a friend read the first chapters. I was sure it's moody, slow and tedious.
"So fast and colorful", she said. "Like, My Little Pony levels of colorful. Feels like Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, but made by 4C. On speed".
Welp. That's why you need readers :D

This, by the way, is one of the reasons we need to keep talking. To let others see that, yes, it's ok to talk.
That's why they want us to shut up.
Every living voice empowers the other voices. Every silenced voice makes the other voices quiter.

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I've been writing a fantasy novel. Kind of Shadowrun-ish misadventures in a high fantasy megapolis. Like it always happens: it's a story I want to read, but nobody wrote it, so I had to do it myself :)
Naturally, it's gay as fuk. 16K words in, not a single cishet person in sight.
And I need to strangle my inner censor who keeps wondering if such stuff is allowed, if it's too sexy, or too gay, or if I should mention drug use. Even though I'm writing mostly for myself.

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Verily, verily I tell you: no censorship is as potent as self-censorship.
For example: I've been working in book publishing, when our dear government issued a new insane law, chipping away another little piece of our freedom, banning certain words in press. It took us two months to start being worried about *milder* things than those actually banned. Places that we wouldn't have a second thought about before, now a tiny censor in our heads made a little pause to check if it's allowed.

Well, having a dedicated place for all the nazis to fuck off to is kind of an improvement.
Same for Spinster, whose denizens had the courtesy to skip the respectability pretense and self-segregate along with the nazis right away.

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(me, looking in to my camera lens) A "selfie" implies the acknowledgement of the self. However, our perception of self is a duality: we internalize that perception based on experiences and learning, but that is also informed by the "self" presented to others. In essence, a "selfie" is not the self you know yourself as, but a representation of your own self presented to others as a form of validation.
(my mom) shut the fuck up

Ayn Rand is hated by many, for lots of good reasons, but she provides a lot of good food for thought, only some of it being broken glass for thought.
One of the best points she makes is that being apolitical is a political choice to let someone else make decisions for you.
Just look at her industrialist heroes, too busy with their sacred STEEL and RAILS to pay attention to the despicable people in Washington... Then being super surprised that these exact people are making policies for them.

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