2nd time I'm wondering if should set up Wire account here as the cool kids are moving.

But I like the non-commercial ethos of Mastodon (so far) and also it would mean another channel to monitor and maintain. Too many already.

@teller They're different things, aren't they?

Wire is your direct messaging tool, á la WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but secure and valueing your privacy.

Mastodon is your fun soapbox where you get news, ideas and random entertainment from, like Twitter, but without the hatespeech.

@brunoscheele Yeah, I meant more like a brand account here to share feature updates, answer questions. Indeed Wire itself is for non-public conversations.

@teller I like how I misunderstood and was explaining Wire to someone that actually works on it :joy:

At some point those weird aggregrator services will catch on and allow you to crosspost to Mastodon as well. Look forward to seeing some Wire stuff then.

@teller I agree with you on both points. I, too, have been wondering about whether setting up an account for the nonprofit I work for would be a way to help people learn of our work and engage with us. But, I do like the "individual" ethos here right now, and, as you said, too many other channels right now. Still, it's something I will keep monitoring. There may be a point where that makes sense.

@danyork @teller One interesting possibility is setting up (for example) a instance. That way it's clear what toots are official. And you don't have to worry about maybe violating some other instance's rules about advertising. Makes ads less intrusive, more opt-in.

@NfNitLoop @danyork We're trying to keep our core thing the core thing and not host and maintain non-core services ourselves. Good example of this is opting to use Medium for our blog and release notes.

@teller @danyork yeah. Not so much recommending that Wire do that as brainstorming on non-intrusive ways to use Mastodon for commercial purposes in general.

@danyork @teller I would suggest you set them up and monitor for occasions where you can help by answering a question. It's always a good way to communicate, helping others. NOT to announce blog posts, new releases or events, unless asked. /opinion

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