@aendi @erAck Wir haben einen Fehler in Android- und Web-App bestätigt, der dazu führte, dass Nutzungsdaten anonym mit Mixpanel geteilt wurden, bevor Nutzer zustimmten. Sobald Nutzer abgelehnt haben, wurden keine Daten mehr übermittelt.

Wir beheben dieses Problem jetzt.

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@kuketzblog As to not knowing anything users do in our app - that's same as flying blind, zero info about what works, what doesn't, where people get stuck, what new features are useful etc. Hard to build a workable and successful solution that way. I believe we're making a fair compromise here.

@kuketzblog Thanks for flagging this! A code review confirmed a bug in the Android and webapp that caused anonymous usage data sharing with Mixpanel before the user consent. Sharing was stopped for users who did not opt in.

We are fixing this issue now.

@kuketzblog Mixpanel is listed in our privacy whitepaper and always has been. We use it to anonymously connect app usage data to understand feature usage to inform product development decisions.

Existing users can opt-out of tracking, new users post-GDPR are asked to opt-in.

Network Effects are hard. Have learned that well in Wire.

@U039b @privacylab @kmicu Saw YPL's feedback on it and team will check out license issue next week. As to why it's in the app - convenience feature when sharing music (we have similar feature for SoundCloud, Youtube, Vimeo).

@U039b @privacylab @kmicu Yes. You can opt out of it (a good % of our users do that).

@privacylab @kmicu @U039b By the way, we have a privacy whitepaper that handles a lot of these details, it's linked from wire.com/privacy and very open to feedback on how to improve it.

@U039b @privacylab @kmicu Location - I believe YPL already forwarded my reply. Localytics - we use them for anonymized app usage tracking to better understand what works, what doesn't, feature popularity etc.

@privacylab @kmicu Correct (Hi, I work at Wire). The APK from wire.com checks for GCM and if none present on the phone falls back to web sockets. Slight battery cost with that.

Erm… haven't been here for a bit. Why is Mastodon telling me I'm not following anyone?

@NfNitLoop @danyork We're trying to keep our core thing the core thing and not host and maintain non-core services ourselves. Good example of this is opting to use Medium for our blog and release notes.

@teller I agree with you on both points. I, too, have been wondering about whether setting up an account for the nonprofit I work for would be a way to help people learn of our work and engage with us. But, I do like the "individual" ethos here right now, and, as you said, too many other channels right now. Still, it's something I will keep monitoring. There may be a point where that makes sense.

@brunoscheele Yeah, I meant more like a brand account here to share feature updates, answer questions. Indeed Wire itself is for non-public conversations.

2nd time I'm wondering if should set up Wire account here as the cool kids are moving.

But I like the non-commercial ethos of Mastodon (so far) and also it would mean another channel to monitor and maintain. Too many already.

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