Lucky listen today:
Or was it?
In our age of algorithms
can anything online
be called "lucky"?
Tell me,
when was
the last time
you got lucky
in the world
and found
200 bucks
tucked away
in a CD jewel box
in a second hand store?
me never.
me never.

@tellio The Age of Algorithm ... catchy but conflicted ... (good band name for someone's band but not mine)

@dogtrax That's the first time I put a YT link in a poem. I would have just created a clickable word if I coulda, but I couldn'ta. How do you feel, as a reader, about the distraction of a hyperlink?

@tellio I had to leave your poem to listen to the song. That was a bit distracting, yes. And then I had to come back. Which I did. I followed the map.

@dogtrax Wouldn't it be interesting to study these liminal moments of transition: from text to hyperlink to digital object and back button to poem again? What happens in our minds as we 'code shift'? Is it actually code shifting? Something else? I call these transitions 'friction'. Is this something we can learn to do better, to invoke better, to share better? Might a voice interface be better? We need to spend more time exposing these blind spot thresholds. Yes?

@tellio Yes. Friction is a good word. It's interesting that I find it less friction when a link like that opens up in a side tab, and not moves me away from the main tab. You know what I mean? Then, my toggling gives me more agency to move/shift between the content and links. When it opens new window or new tab, I find I lose the thread to the original more easily. More friction. Your Blind Spot reference reminds me of one of our favorite books, eh?

@dogtrax @tellio Coming late upon this exchange I wondered about hyperlikes. That is, being able to loop from the specific word or phrase that I liked to what I’m thinking next, in such a way that you could see the whole.

It’s not quite what does, but it’s what fedwiki did for me. Pulling a loop of an idea from someone else’s canvas to my own.

@katebowles @dogtrax Kevin and I trust each other enough to share ad libitum. It is just so much easier that way with thresholds and boundaries as permeable as we can manage them. I think that is why federated wikis are so hard for us to 'accept'. It is anarchism in its original form as mutual aid and cooperation. It is not capitalism and hierarchy. I think that is why it feels so odd at first because most of our online tools are constructed at their core contra to mutual aid.

@katebowles @tellio "see the whole" is where much of this falls apart. Maybe that is not bad -- Terry and I are weaving a quilt from our media -- but in not being able to "see the whole," things get lost. Including us (or at least, me). The forking idea has possibilities for this, but difficulties, too. When I fork, I weave my own quilt from the threads of others. The whole becomes mine, not ours. I think. I'm not sure. Thinking out loud ...

@dogtrax @katebowles There is only so much we can do within the system we have wrought. We can try to lay down parallel tracks that have different destinations, but we are still using trains that have tracks and cars and engines. Does it become yours, whatever 'it' is? I think it does by definition. We enter into the fediverse with our eyes open, yes? I think the problem is that we do not enter with clear eyes. We can't. We have to make that road by walking it in good faith.

@tellio @dogtrax I think about this when I'm walking on the beach.

Do you remember a couple of summers ago there was a woman carving dolphins in the sand, in my community. I thought about her making, explicitly with labour and time, something destined to be washed away. Who owned it? We all did. We all had a sense of delight in it.

But beaches are complex social spaces—patrolled, and regulated. It's not all free there either.

@tellio @dogtrax

At the moment, there are people on the beach who make small cairns. I never see them but I come across the cairns. I can't believe they're always the same people. I think we're communicating with each other, cairn by cairn.

And then of course the ocean itself does most of the heavy lifting, both of sand and stones, so that every day the beach is very substantially different, including in ways that aren't obvious.

@tellio @dogtrax

Forking was a thing I loved to do, once I learned how to do it. And I love watching you two quilting, it's one of the signal joys of mastodon for me.

@tellio @dogtrax

This black ring isn’t always visible, and sometimes when it’s visible, it’s empty. I don’t know whether it’s natural or industrial. Today, this composition.

@tellio @dogtrax

But look, this also:

(Made by @alantrotter, shared by @yaf)

Don’t rush it.

And what if you could fork it? Maybe everyone but me already knows that you can.

@katebowles @tellio There is always so much to write about, re:cairns. I love how your words brought us to the ocean and back again. My pockets are stuffed with shells, and maybe a few stones for the cairn we build together.

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