@tellio since ya asked (and since I read nearly all of your commentary in yer news curation), the answer is no. Teachers should not build and bake happiness bots into learning experiences. Keep it human, man!

@dogtrax And, as always, thanks for reading. I echo your earlier response about curation in Nuzzel: why don't more folk comment and curate. Sometimes I have to set it up on automatic pilot, but I guarantee you that I don't wanna do that. BTW, I am trying to find time to do the thing.

@tellio well, curation takes time. Easier to just let the algorithms think and share for us ... I know you don’t and I appreciate that, as your faithful reader ... many folks use newsletters as tool for branding (our friend, Troy, seems to do this with his nuzzle) instead of sharing enlightening ideas in context ... I realize I am guilty, too, with the NWP daily on birdsite .. I just let it run off my NWP list. Hmm. Maybe robots really are taking over ...

@tellio After writing that, I went in and deleted that NWP Paper.li completely. I've ignored its annoying automated nature for too long. Peace.


@dogtrax Digi-detoxification, now get some analog-intoxification: read a book,mark it up--colored pencils and highlighters and pens that bleed through from one side of the paper to the other, random and bloody colored. Layer so many post-its on one page that the book needs a fat rubber band to close properly.Find a whiteboard and plan something crazy,then don't take a picture of your work--just erase it and remember it onto a piece of black paper with silver, gold and white ink

@tellio and when the paper's not big enough, chalk on the sidewalk

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