"“We’ve opened up a window onto the classroom in a way that didn’t exist before,” Karaganis says." The Open Syllabus Project is that window. Pause. Read. Be amazed.
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Things I noticed on a Front Yard :
* the tiniest of flowers in driveway cracks. There's no way I would have paid attention to them otherwise
* a lone dandelion, with seeds ready to spread. This one is an outlier of the season
* the dead branches of the pine tree, framed underneath, with sky as backdrop, gives a new perspective
* a tree trunk as map, framed close, with crags and valleys
* a chewed leaf, bugs' dinner left uneaten

More about project: clmooc.com/clmooc-explores-the

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"Oh! I thought you two were the same," I said.
The Void and the Abyss sighed together.
"Have you even looked at me?" the Abyss said.
"Honestly," said the Void, "I could scream, but what would be the point?"

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@ink_slinger also "blood is thicker than water" is actually short for "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" which means that friendship formed in hardship is stronger than family bonds, the exact opposite of the shorthand

And curiosity killed the cat used to stop people asking questions is actually short for "Curiosity killed the cat, But satisfaction brought it back" which is a little more encouraging of asking questions

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Amazon announces "Cyberpunk dystopian mass-suveillance as a service".


Sync'd up.
Ship shape.
Squared away.
4 by 4.



@lauraritchie response Your story sent me to the OED to look up "omen", its first written instance:

1582 Stanyhurst Æneis ii. (Arb.) 66 You Gods of countrye this is eke your prosperus omen.

Three other responses: first, "my mouth open, it hops in" could mean that you 'ate' the blackbird, quel image; second, I saw a dead crow in the middle of the road yesterday. I have never seen such, ominous;  third, reminded of this portentous freight train of a song, youtube.com/watch?v=YtkvUpkdWi

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I think the curiosity to explore, or to re-shape the world around us to better suit our needs is something humans have done since the species emerged.

While I feel some are preoccupied with "progress or bottom lines" I feel the driving force for others might differ.

The Tolstoy article reinforces this multitude of different influences. Too many to know, or understand.

Sitting back & letting the sun shine on you as you close your eyes & experience the breeze is equally valued.

@tutormentor1 Also, much of this "going someplace" is a product of this constant preoccupation with progress and 'bottom lines'. Idling is its own reward. We have already explored a phrase and come to terms with poetry on Mastodon. That was an adjacent door that opened unbidden, but only after we did indeed put one foot in front of the other.

@tutormentor1 The beauty of a feldgang like this is that it can idle for a long while or it can just end or it can be transformed. I tend to come back to stuff (if I remember to do so) over and over.

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I'm about half way through the article about Tolstoy and while enlightened by what I've read I'm not sure where I'm going.

True for most of us as we put one foot in front of the other and journey through our lives.

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or, maybe what he/she's saying is true;

or, maybe, it's not;

or, maybe it's a little of both;

or, maybe it's not important.

or, maybe it is.



A "maybe" with an ellipsis,
Like wondering what
is under every rock
picturing a hidden agenda
under every question.
Imagine that...

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Bold-faced, in disagreement:
We're on vacation.
Money's required for amusement.
Bold-faced, in disagreement —
We'll spend much money for little fulfillment.
Unsatisfied with the exploitation,
Bold-faced, in disagreement:
We're on "vacation".


#SmallStories #SmallPoems #AmWriting

@tutormentor1 Big Joel on YouTube, one of my fav thinkers there. Yeah, I said it.YouTube thinker.

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