A zip code is an algorithm, a machine intelligence that can and does chat with other machines. And you don't know their secrets, but they know yours. Fight back. Smash the looms. Misinformate.

@dogtrax You probably saw the faerie hunt in all its dusky glory.

My wife blurts out on waking,
"It smells like spring!"
I invoke Admiral Ackbar's epiphany, "It's a trap!
It's a trap!"
She responds,
"Too late.
Too late."
Far too late.

@dogtrax @testingwithfire Working on my wife's family dairy in Northern Virginia. Well below zero and getting darker and colder and windier. An automatic waterer had gotten stuck and was overflowing. Not good. I was new to the farm so I said, " I 'll reach down and unstick it." Before anyone could warn me, I stuck my arm in the water. So cold. I unstuck the valve and pulled my wet arm out. Every hair on my arm froze straight up. Pain like never before or ever since.

@dogtrax The glory of metaphor--it can be a sail full of wind or a rail car loaded with freight or...

@dogtrax @testingwithfire Not trying to top your story, but if you want a story from me about scary cold let me know. I gotta a bunch of them. I empathize with the scary part.

An inspiration
is an inner wind, a breath.
where is your sail?

@dogtrax @gg @lauraritchie @jane @katebowles @Tdorey On commenting: there are lots of ways of commenting (comment box, social annotation, embedded etherpads) but it is the attitude of commenting that is most important. To learn this attitude I would recommend Alan Levine's post here: netnarr.arganee.world/construc

If you are looking for a way to honor MLK day, read this post from a man who has dedicated his adult life to working with and for Chicago youth: goo.gl/Rkdm6f
I annotated his post so you can join me in the margins here: hyp.is/go?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftut

@Anna Constraints. Workarounds. Discovering your blind spots. It's all good even if a pain in the ass. This too shall pass.

@wordsmith Take it. Run with it. Would love to read how you spin it out.

The dogs went out into the snowy frozen night chasing a blood moon. The look on their faces when I let them in hours later told me they had not succeeded, but something electric about their fur tells me the found something else almost as good.

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What news
from the

these lines
of these times
these rhymes ...
such lies

we write

in hope

and maybe
nothing more

@dogtrax response

Our words
are not
any more than
a metaphor
is a lie.
We have sailed to
and landed on
the shore of
an undiscovered country.
Let's go exploring!

@dogtrax A risky re-mix, ideas harmed in their reproduction.

Four Poems in One: A FieldWalk
I am the seed.
You live in me
offseason, a banked fire
of directions, a happy script.
I sow each row –
three strong, in three
spaces, seeds — a fecund
radical things,
roots I can't see,
hairs I muse upon,
when snow covers. Still. Unborn.
This seed is a story,
roots sunk deep in memory,
a resurrection song
with the connected soil.

response to @dogtrax

Our kitty, Mamacita, sits underneath a powerful overhead LED light most mornings, noticing the very dark shadows of her own body. Then she begins the chase, a joyous pursuit of her shadow self. How simple and focused and un-self-conscious she is, gyring round and round! She stops and looks at me. Grinning. This is the same very pregnant, semi-feral cat who years before walked through our cat flap, over to the kitchen counter, and jumped up next to me. Grinning. Fearless.

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