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I want a world
that will give
my granddaughter
a shot
at a greater commons
and not
the war of all
against all.
I want a lot.

Here is a video version:

All of the physical danger in my life is associated with my left foot. I dropped a silage wagon tongue on it. I ran a chainsaw through my boot into it. I stepped into a yellow jacket nest. Last month, a manure fork fell from its spot on the tool rack in the shed and came right through the top of my left shoe and into my foot. Why does the world hate my left foot?

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"Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving."

— Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

Archiving: Duty or Gift or More? – Impedagogy Thanks to everyone who contributed to either the focus or the periphery of this project. None possible without all. (Special thanks to @grammasheri as always begging forgiveness, not asking permission.)

Not keen on Storybird so I made a gif at based upon this article:
Tool is easy to use. Pic came from my phone. Low friction from phone-->ios app:wordswag-->text into wordswag-->airplay upload-->makeagif

My wife reminded me of a memory that I cannot bring to mind. No memory at all. None. So I sit and try to remember all the memories I can't remember. No luck. Not a whiff.

"Open source software is fundamentally a DIY ethic" This is one of the ways I scan for authenticity in others--have they done it themselves? Is there something hacked? @diigo

"Open source software is fundamentally a DIY ethic" This is one of the ways I scan for authenticity in others--have they done it themselves? Is there something hacked? @diigo

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The sky is icing the world this morning. In that gap between freezing and not, the light rain paints every object with a luminescent silver, the dangerous kind of silver, the kind of silver that makes you lose balance and confidence, the kind that knocks you right off of your feet if you aren't paying close enough attention. Change is coming soon, with warmer temps looming, but for now, be on your guard. Be attentive. Be wary, every step of the way forward into this new day.

Channeling Whitman. A with video accompaniment.

Reciprocate up!
Corroborate round & round!
Up! Up! Reciprocate!

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I was eye to eye with an owl on Christmas Eve. It was in a neighbor's driveway where I saw a flutter from the gutters. We exited the car only to find a barred owl on the tree branch dangling right near my head. The owl was ... right there. I froze, surprised, watching the owl's eyes watching me watching it. The creature seemed more inquisitive than scared. Me, too. Then, in a burst of propulsion, the owl flew off, leaving the branch swaying and me, smiling, with a to tell.

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Waiting for politicians ...
is like
Waiting for Godot


if #climate-change could stopped just with discussing, earth should entirely frozen now ...

#climate #klima #COP24 #CO2 #pollution #politics #conference #COP

Midnight, Christmas Eve into Christmas Day. Waning full moon. Now is the time when the animals speak. A delegation of the oldest ewes gather around me and begin to sing: When they are done, one by one, they turn away until only Bluebell is left. In silence we sit and praise the moon and the day and the time that is left to us. In the distance I hear a train and an owl and the creek, all in their own kind of midnight lyrics. We all sing. All of us.

Here is some Sunday play with digital ...writing? Is it a rebus or an in-joke? Or neither? You tell me.
@dogtrax @anna_phd @wentale @grammasheri @Verenanz .

Elegy. Lamentation. Memento mori.

The ones are dead,
long may they 'none',
the zeroes are, too,
long may they 'done'.
Long live memory.

A response to @dogtrax blog remembrance/analysis:

A lamentation
for all those ones and zeroes
sacrificed, erased.

My grades are in (god how futile), my email vacation responder is up, and all my idiotic assessment requirements (don't ask) are complete. The dawn is breaking as if none of this matters...because it doesn't. Today is the day I will scout out an ugly, scraggly red cedar with a nice top. I will cut it down and trim it to size, bring it into the house, secure it in the tree stand, water it, string it with lights and ornaments and listening to this:

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