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Hello Mastodon peeps! In these hopelessly gloomy days, the mere fact that so many ppl have signed on to this site as a stand against the fascists, gives me a teeny tiny bit of hope.

We think we can pick ourselves every day and fight the good fight. But what if the entire world keeps on giving ... one misery after another, non-stop, ruthless, cruel. How will we fight against ppl whom we thght we will grow old with but doesn't want us? Against the State which is supposed to protect you? Maybe it's time I give up fighting and trying to just exist. Coz fighting takes up too much energy, time,the will to live. So yes, just existing seems to be the way.

Hi, everyone. I was going thru the existing apps on the market and have seen really good ones - as in good features. Regarding our discussions daily, can we also focus on other steps to make India a safer place. Ofc, I understand India is like ginormous but we can try to our best for making the community around each one of us a little more safer.

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Just a random thought. Everyone here who is anonymous, what's the story behind the names you've chosen? I'm not asking for the reasons behind why you choose to be anonymous, just asking why you've chosen the names you did. I don't even want to know your identities. There are a lot of interesting handle names out there and I'm curious as to the meanings and stories (personal or otherwise) behind those names.

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@tempearth Yes. And when help is asked out, we can't deny by saying temporary solutions will not work. We are literally in do or die now. We will fix the timing acc to vote & work hard few weeks till we see some change. If you find anyone derailing from fruitful convo here, feel free to ignore or call them out. We will make a democratic decision.
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@Deepsealioness Hi Prabha, do you think it is possible to come up with something like this. Sorry for tagging you out of the blue, but since you have a good reach, I thght you will be the best person to initiate this convo to a wider base. Ofc such convos are already happenign in Twitter but that site is itself so full of rapist-apologists that I am scared even to post such suggestions there.

4. While girls travelling alone, maybe we can have an option to check with a co-passenger if they could have an eye on her. I really wnated this when my sister was travelling alone in train. I desperately wanted someone to look out for her in the train esp when she goes to restroom or during station halts.

2. A network of addresses where ppl w/o phone can go for safety - like religious place or home or shop.
3. An app like one we already have for family and frnds network but a bit more widely spread which the person can use to trigger off a danger warning. This wll then notify all the registered users in that app secifically in that area to receive an alert with location and can trace the person quickly.

Enough is enough. I am truly confident that I cannot rely anymore on such men to change, authorities seem to be of no use in preventing these rapes. So can we all discuss together and come up with a solution to atleast prevent some of these rapes? - A few ideas off my head - 1. come up with a database of 'thoroughly verified databse' with contacts to reach out to if stranded somewhere with no help - ppl can call them and ask for help.

Hello mastodon peeps. I think I am starting to come out of the numbness after reading about the murder of Dr. Priyanka Reddy. Also, I read about 2 more cases - one gangrape of widow by 5 rapist, 4 of them killed one when arguing about who gets to rape her next and rape and burnt to death murder of 1 girl in TN which seems to be a case of 'teaching dalits a lesson' case.

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I kind of understand why Indian politicians show scant regard for democracy and the electorate...

What will you do to the Govt at the most? Protest? Trend shit on SM? why they can and do get away with murder.

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This guy cites Tiananmen Square, not as a bad thing, but rather as an example for the Indian government to emulate. Let that sink in.

Breaks my heart. Somehow I want to say sorry to Arfa, though I was only a baby in 1992. Coz a naive teenager-me once thought this country was the greatest, that how lucky was I to be a minority in an awesome society and more importantly the law of this land is so fair and just, than any other in the whole wide world. Am sorry, Arfa. Maybe, just maybe the "victors" will also apologize to you someday, wishes that stupid teenager still whispering somewhere in my mind.

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The home minister of India has given a free pass to the armed forces to go after urban naxals. Who are urban naxals? The dissenters of this govt, the ppl standing against Hindutva terrorism, students of univs who dare fight for their rights, ppl who don't bow down to this fascist rule. I saw this headline 4 hrs ago and I am still unable to shake off the dread in my mind. I am scared. Very scared.

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All citizens who dissent or question the vicious & incompetent regime are hereby declared "Urban Naxals" to be eliminated by the ex-fake-encounter specialist.


Just in | Home Minister Amit Shah tells CRPF top brass that "action needs to be taken against the and their facilitators." He visited the headquarters in Delhi today.

- reports


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Just learnt what the is and about .

This is incredibly fascinating! Mastodon is just one aspect of the Fediverse. There are other open source services too!

Watch this video.

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@i_theindian Brilliant strategy. credit where credit is due. the cadres of the Bajrang Dal are almost completely made up of youths from backward castes. These unfortunate youths feel a sense of belonging and are easily manipulated.The top brass of the RSS are upper caste brahmins exclusively, who will not mingle with these people socially. They use the VHP to control them and get the cadres to do their dirty work for them and very easily distance themselves from them when the need arises.

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