The home minister of India has given a free pass to the armed forces to go after urban naxals. Who are urban naxals? The dissenters of this govt, the ppl standing against Hindutva terrorism, students of univs who dare fight for their rights, ppl who don't bow down to this fascist rule. I saw this headline 4 hrs ago and I am still unable to shake off the dread in my mind. I am scared. Very scared.

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@tempearth no we must stand united , against this mental oppression

@shyamalmitra Mental oppression is fightable, I am just worried about the physical arrests and tortures happening in Kashmir, going unopposed for 104th day today. Kashmiris not termed as terrorists, will now be termed as urban naxals by the forces. It's extremely worrying that the HM who should atleast have the pretense of maintaining justice, is so blatantly giving the green signal for more oppression. But we will be united, unity is the only weapon we have now.

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