Hello mastodon peeps. I think I am starting to come out of the numbness after reading about the murder of Dr. Priyanka Reddy. Also, I read about 2 more cases - one gangrape of widow by 5 rapist, 4 of them killed one when arguing about who gets to rape her next and rape and burnt to death murder of 1 girl in TN which seems to be a case of 'teaching dalits a lesson' case.

Enough is enough. I am truly confident that I cannot rely anymore on such men to change, authorities seem to be of no use in preventing these rapes. So can we all discuss together and come up with a solution to atleast prevent some of these rapes? - A few ideas off my head - 1. come up with a database of 'thoroughly verified databse' with contacts to reach out to if stranded somewhere with no help - ppl can call them and ask for help.

2. A network of addresses where ppl w/o phone can go for safety - like religious place or home or shop.
3. An app like one we already have for family and frnds network but a bit more widely spread which the person can use to trigger off a danger warning. This wll then notify all the registered users in that app secifically in that area to receive an alert with location and can trace the person quickly.


4. While girls travelling alone, maybe we can have an option to check with a co-passenger if they could have an eye on her. I really wnated this when my sister was travelling alone in train. I desperately wanted someone to look out for her in the train esp when she goes to restroom or during station halts.

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@Deepsealioness Hi Prabha, do you think it is possible to come up with something like this. Sorry for tagging you out of the blue, but since you have a good reach, I thght you will be the best person to initiate this convo to a wider base. Ofc such convos are already happenign in Twitter but that site is itself so full of rapist-apologists that I am scared even to post such suggestions there.

@Vishsai I read the suggestions from @tempearth and I am ready to contribute in anyway required. Developing an App, having like minded members yes. I would like to be a volunteer and organize such a group at my city level. @musafir @AdvManoj @karunanundy @KayKap @SilkyNsa@mstdn.social @KnottedBow @wabbster @ajeeshrp7 @DesCoutinho @DerekOBrien

@abj Thats great. @tempearth made that suggestion. You two could work that out. The other modalities can be worked out by us all together
@Vishsai @musafir @AdvManoj @karunanundy @KayKap @SilkyNsa@mstdn.social @KnottedBow @wabbster @ajeeshrp7 @DesCoutinho @DerekOBrien


@BhavanaVarun Bhavana, In a crux, we are discussing about building a network to ensure women safety. I have drafted a Google doc with major points. Kindly share your mail id to contribute edits and comments. Please go this thread to see others' suggestions and contributions

@tempearth Two parts to it in my opinion.

Thing's an individual can do.

Learn martial arts.
Carry pepper spray or a stunt gun.
And build her own personal network so that she needs to travel alone as less as possible.

Second at a community level
Build your movement in your community to tackle it.

App are present like bsafe App which has functions similar to what you ask

Make contact with police officers. The higher the contact the faster your response.

@Vishsai Thank you. Agree with the 1st part. I myself need to do the 1st 2, will also instruct everyone in my n/w the same. At a community level, yes I think starting with a local approach seems realistic to atleast start first. Think I will get in touch with my area's association and have a meeting with the residents for this. Appreciate your response. Gives me something to start with.

@tempearth Had started something similar in my area. Though the meeting stopped Two things that came out was

A contact programme with the police which still happens. Which has helped the community in more ways than one.

And two high risk areas where kids were getting harassed got a CCTV camera. (not working now but the the issue got resolved)

Learning - you need people who will constantly push it. Regular meeting and make the women participate more.

@Vishsai Oh, ya maybe if I can include the ppl from my local police station in that meeting, we can come up with a secure n/w. And CCTV in dark alleys is a good idea. Agree with you on the keeping them continuous, that will be the difficult part. But will try my best for that.

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