Ugh, I'm mad my eyes are so lopsided fhdksllkdbdhtj it's such a travesty

I guess I'll visit the barbershop next to my house on Saturday....

i think for a haircut i might just get a trim and bangs....

i should go to sleep and not watch hair curling vids

my face looks bad but it looks much better with glasses dsklghj

wow fuck, the last time i took a good selfie was before i changed glasses

if i learned to curl my hair it'd probably look good...

anyways, i recommend you don't look at a photo of what your face really looks like unmirrored LOL

my face is an artist's worst nightmare. looks fine until you flip it and suddenly EVERYTHING HAS GONE WRONG

oh lord, i took photos of myself so i could doodle haircuts onto my face and there was an option to unmirror the photo and I LOOK LIKE SOMEONE FAILED ANATOMY WITH THE EYES FDSJKDGFSHJGFDH

i'd ask y'all for haircut recs but i ain't posting my face on twitter

as much as i want to become a black haired asian female zero, this hair is too much. i need to cut it

anti-ao3 discourse makes me fear how so many people lack critical thinking skills and instantly equate protecting ao3 to condoning gross shit

Peanuts and peanut butter are so delicious ffffffsss

LRT squints Lord is this going to affect shipping TO America? If so, RIP my store

i want to flip a table, scream, go home and sleep

i should probably go to sleep early today... so sleep deprived

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