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Sky @ Commission Hell

ah, the worldbuilding in overlord is delightful

is gazefbrain a legitimate ship in the overlord fandom--

i'm laughing bc ainz is just a normal salaryman and everyone ever freaks out about him loooool

man i thought aura wasn't part of ainz's harem but i guess not


holy shit, being eaten alive by cockroaches is the most horrible way to go

you can tell overlord is written by a man because the author makes a huge generalization what kind of men women seek lmaooo

mfw goddamn clients can't speak english and charge in doing whatever they please

i'm laughing at poor ainz struggling to keep up with demiurge's intellect

damn, i'm so disappointed Victim isn't a memer in the original text

tmw you recognize a bunch of terms and spells Overlord uses from DnD

📷 Ittttt’s conprep season! This’ll be sold at Otakuthon!! Expect more prints over the month :)

lmaooooo this is bad i sort of ship rachel and zack

wow, that mm4 medley really sounds sonic like LMAO

--oh, i thought the kh orchestra was two weeks from now, but it's next week yells

despite loving log horizon and overlord, i have not read the light novels. i should fix that

ugghhh the print looks kind of empty lmao i should figure out what to fill it with....