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Sky @ Commission Hell

I'm getting pissy at small things again.... need sleep. And food probably

did some more backwards parking practice.. @___@

reviewed the driver's handbook to make sure i know my rules @__@ my test is on wednesday...

Lol my mom has to go pick up my dad so now i'm stuck cooking

lmao my dad left his car at north york centre.... rip will he get home

I wonder if my coworker will be ok going home, she lives in the area that was closed off...

it's been so long i forgot what inks i put into my pens

ahhh, the good weather refreshes me..

woooo, did driving/parking practice! surprisingly parallel parking is easy.... but that's when i'm not being sandwiched by cars. i hope they still don't ask anyway.. backwards and downhill parking are my worst, as usual

dies, why is it so hard to maintain a diet to lose weight i hate

So, I have a driving test to renew my current level on Wednesday.

Guess who kept a copy of their evaluation from the first time they passed

I had a D&D session. Good news: we saved an NPC. Bad news:

There is a rampaging flaming skull in my Bag of Holding ready to cast Fireball on my head the moment I open it. Oh and there are 4000 loose ball bearings and 60 loose caltrops floating around in there

RIP my inventory

wow i caught up to bnha

it's time to sleep now so i can die practicing parks tomorrow

the one man who can beat moon moon: tetsutetsu tetsutetsu

I'm finally obtaining the Alter Estelle figure to complete the Vesperia set.... yells

Orisa, zenyatta and bastion nendos when

i can't go to lunch till xerox guy calls me back... wah

oh yeah that reminds me, i want to make coasters...