Feeling seriously exhausted by Twitter and Reddit... but also terribly isolated in this garbage town we've moved to. So, Mastodon again. Will be interesting to see how it's expanded.

Oy. Switching to Windows from Mac at work. I'm not a partisan either way (I lean Mac but care most about function) but learning a new OS on a clock is no fun...

Putting out a call for freelance full web stack developers. Now, I'm a designer, not a developer, so I don't know all the lingo, but we're working on a WMS.

It's served over our company's intranet and runs in a browser. We use the Laravel PHP framework to connect the interfaces to a Postgres database.

Progress is good, but slow, so we're hoping to find experienced developers interested in small, quick jobs building out parts of our system.

If anyone ever handed me a fiery sword... watch the fuck out.

One of my favorite mental exercises is "What would I do if I had an giant robot army?"

The giant robot army is invincible. It means you are the master of the world. You are the fiery sword.

What would you do, ?

In the last three weeks, I hugged my brother, my father, my sister, my mother.... social networking seems pretty weak by comparison....

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I want to be supportive of NPR-- and I have friends who work there!-- but jfc, they bring these conservatives on and let them spout inanities without any response or criticism

It's not journalism if you just let people lie to the public!

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@teosenni Tooted the outcome of that analysis here: mastodon.social/@beadsland/198

Essentially, I wanted to back up a subjective assertion for a thing with objective data, only to learn in really looking at the data that my assertion was objectively wrong.

Which, in the end, is why we look at data. Not to merely corroborate our hypotheses, but whenever possible, to disprove them.

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Since adopting my dog Felix, walking several times a day, I've easily tripled the neighbors I know by name and chat with.

Something about a [friendly] dog makes it much easier. I respect you cat lovers, but I don't see many people out there walking their cats, nor any cats eager to jump up and kiss you or go madly chasing a ball.

As screwed up as the world seems, having the right dog puts it all in place, mastodon.social/media/6BbvTTuo

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Interesting. Either NYC's Central Park weather tracking station was non-operational from August of 1984 to October of 1995, or someone deleted over a decade of NOAA data.

Either way, there's a story there.

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Friendly shout out to :

Any members want to chat about the practical obstacles of using unlicensed bands to extend wifi coverage? It's a problem I'm very new to but would like to learn a great deal about.

I recognize there are a great deal of obstacles. Still very interested to learn about them.

Your opportunity to totally geek out to a newb who will listen very enthusiastically. Please boost.

But imagine this. I'm a truck driver. (I've been one.) It's a hassle to take the ramp and lift it up into place. You tend to hurt your back doing it, since it's a particularly awkward move.

Now, a trucker who knows he can go down to the Makerspace and get something made... suddenly his job is a lot easier, and he can lever the ramp into place.

Small example I know but I find the core concept fascinating. How can tech really help workers?

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my mom's friend, upon seeing the 3d printer: oh, so you're a manufacturer now!
me, lying on the floor: yes, I seized back the means of production

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Opinion: Sorry I can’t go to your thing. I must call my senator to plead for my life. https://t.co/B6h390WQhJ
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*A gay Swedish antifascist spent a year undercover with white supremacists*

"During an extensive undercover investigation of the far right by openly gay Swedish antifascist activist, white nationalists bragged about their connections with the White House and said their movement would end with 'concentration camps and expulsion and war.'"


#fascism #antifascism

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Decentralization led to contaminated water for swimming and fishing where I grew up. Centralization (EPA) ensured *something* was done about it, and the local neighborhood people tried to stop it.

Until people acting selfishly or plain stupid can be stopped systemically, I can NOT get behind the bulk of government decentralization/ anarchist/ antiplanning efforts.

Near as I can tell, the *bulk* of good living in the US is due to central government limiting rapacious interest groups

I can say, for myself, that the reason I first got into Twitter was to get the news as fast as possible. So that's something I'd like to make available through my instance, with my curated feed.

Starting to settle into Mastodon, I see substantial conversations are also possible here. I'd like to bring designers, developers, dreamers, and mad scientists together.

But what other functions are people wishing Mastodon could serve?

i intend to be creating my own persistent Instance by the end of the year. I am a self-funded designer (in this case). It will include a curated newsfeed as well (optional).

What do you want in an instance? What are you looking for? How would you design one if you were putting one out there?

I can answer these questions on my own but... seems far more in spirit of this thing to ask the community. Help me set my design criteria! What do you need or want from an instance?

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