Het , this is what youโ€™re funding, a slush fund for Trump. No material legal victories yet.


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If anyone is wondering why the Trump team keeps filing lawsuits even though it keeps losing badly, this is why twitter.com/bradheath/status/1

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If anyone is wondering why the Trump team keeps filing lawsuits even though it keeps losing badly, this is why twitter.com/bradheath/status/1

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We've been partners with @revolvingdoorDC@twitter.com for a long time, because of their deep knowledge and insight of how politics and governance works. You can read all their Prospect stories here:
prospect.org/topics/revolving- twitter.com/revolvingdoorDC/st

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It seems our @jeffhauser@twitter.com is famous!

As he said, โ€œIf people in Washington think Iโ€™m unique in finding business-as-usual in Washington gross, I think they are pretty disconnected from political reality.โ€

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Donโ€™t be fooled. This so-called stimulus โ€œcompromiseโ€ will give a little relief to a few for a short time, but read everything. It will give immunity from liability to corporations that didnโ€™t protect low-wage essential workers.

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โ€œStop Scapegoating Progressivesโ€:

โ€œModerate Dems could have pointed to unprecedented # of Repub voters; GOP voter-subtraction policies or Repub gerrymandering; all those split-ticket voters who voted for Biden and congressional Repubs; Biden for not delivering down-ballot winsโ€ twitter.com/mvmnt4blklives/sta

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"Democrats need elected officials to do what Trump never did: Accept responsibility. Absorb criticism. Come back and campaign better."


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Again: this is clowning, rather than a coup. But clowning also serves to undermine and delegitimize democracy. twitter.com/BrendanKeefe/statu

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"To be clear, Obama ordered the killing of people via drone whose names, whose identities, he did not always know, and could not be sure of.โ€

On the @MehdiHasanShow@twitter.com today, I took on Obama's drone legacy, as the ex-president continues his book tour.

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.@StephanieKelton@twitter.com is right: we're facing a toxic combination of bills due with no income support to make those payments. The little aid we've given Americans is about to expire and Congress has yet to pass a stimulus package.

Time has run out. Americans need immediate relief.

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I'm pleased to hear that @RepSeanMaloney@twitter.com is coming into his @dccc@twitter.com w an open mind as to why Ds lost under the best fundamentals they could hope for & will consider all answers.

I have answers for him, so I hope his team will give me a call

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Just before Trumpโ€™s Georgia rally, Perdue:

1) Tells donors (probably NeverTrumpers) Biden is a better negotiator than Trump.

2) Blames GOP setbacks in Georgia on Trumpโ€™s poor performance.

โฆ@Perduesenate@twitter.comโฉ โฆ@realDonaldTrump@twitter.comโฉ, yโ€™all good? washingtonpost.com/politics/pe

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Never forget that Kelly Loeffler began dumping millions in stock on *the same day* that she received a classified briefing on the severity of the pandemic.

Four days later, Loeffler accused Democrats of fear mongering about the virus.

Georgians can vote her out on January 5th.

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You all keep putting this on McConnell. He has rejected stimulus bills but the House has never passed a stand alone bill that just says that every American gets a check. The president said he would sign it....call his bluff. twitter.com/yashar/status/1334

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โ€œBy the time they get to naming a progressive or two, these corporatists will have already given away the entire store, AKA our government.โ€

ยป @NomikiKonst@twitter.com

Support The Nomiki Show on Patreon: patreon.com/thenomikishow

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Trump's operation has raised $207.5 million since his election defeat for a fund that could directly benefit him.

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