casting a series of spells and hexes and some third thing

Doing yoga, learning to levitate, taking massive quantities of LSD, brewing up a batch of sarin gas.

I'm a sex truther. Sexual climax does not occur! It doesn't exist. Social construct.

Thinking of turning into one of those logs deep in the woods that rots in such a way that it becomes waxy.

I'm still alive. I have a job. It is not very fun! But it provides me a salary. Terrible.

I start teaching again on Monday. I will be powerful and knowledge-giving

I need to post here more, especially now that someone is trying to report my twitter into oblivion.

Death is all around us. I am not upset by this.

β€” Emtha Ostsiciro, Human Axeman

Death is all around us. That's alarming!

β€” Id Bidokletmos, hammerer

Here lies Alex Copeland

Torn apart by alligators

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