I don't like eating dogfood. Maybe it's just me.

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Yesterday I released a new version of my Solid task manager with some new features, check it out github.com/NoelDeMartin/solid-

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Thanks to @luisrazeto I am reading a little book by Albert O. Hirschman, "Getting Ahead Collectively"

"As an economist I had expected that the need to mobilize a minimal account of capital would be at the root of at least some of the cooperative, worker-managed enterprises. But it turned out that a more fundamental need is, once again, some experience dispelling isolation and mutual distrust."

People carry this positive legacy of solidarity with them from experience to experience.

"Hand in hand with this centralisation, or this expropriation of many capitalists by few, develop, on an ever-extending scale, the cooperative form of the labour process..."

from an old book

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Kara Swisher interviews Tristan Harris vox.com/recode/2019/5/6/185308

Tristan Harris is still one of the most clear-eyed thinkers in the whole "techlash." He's good at pulling together seemingly disparate phenomena and showing how they all stem from the incentives of the attention economy.

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If you or a non-profit that you know and love use a .org internet domain name, be advised that the ICANN registry want to remove the price cap limit that only allows the annual registration for such domain names to go up 10% each year.

This will mean that individuals and non-profits may soon be priced off the internet. If you don't want that to happen please visit this link and let ICANN know why this is a bad idea.


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"The white man can make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it."

-Sitting Bull


regarding github.com/solid/community/iss ...

instead of closing the 'suggestions' gitter channel, it could be renamed to 'echo-chamber' and made invitation only.

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Introducing Indie Web Server (video)


I just recorded a short video demonstrating just how simple and seamless Indie Web Server really is.

Running a secure development web server is one command. Running a secure production web server is… umm… still one command.

Enjoy! 🤓

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