Dropbox used to have a useful list of recent changes, especially when sharing folders with other users, in their menubar popup on the Mac. That seems to have been broken in a recent "update" (the latest item in my "Recent" section is 21 days old).

It's 2018 and iTunes still doesn't let you paste your Apple ID password in to authorize Apple Music?

Just fell for a (rather "good" in its specificity) Apple ID phishing attempt. Thankfully I have 2FA, but now that password is burned, so I had to change it.

Linea Go 1.0[.1] for iPhone is out now. Sync sketches from Linea Sketch on iPad and make changes or new sketches while on-the-go.

It’s been a lot of fun building this with the folks at the Iconfactory.

Go get it. linea-app.com/go

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It appears that if you submit a build of a 1.0 iOS app to app review for Pre-Order and they accept it, you then have to change the version number (likely to 1.0.1, though technically I guess something like would work) if you want to submit updates before releasing the app to the public. You also need to get the update reviewed, but that part I knew beforehand.

Based on the Simulator in Xcode, it looks like the notch on the Max is the same width as the one on the X/XS. But interestingly, the home indicator is a bit wider.

Having recently added support for iPhone SE to a new app I've been working on, it was a bit of a squeeze, so I'm not too sorry to see it go (as a developer).

Still, for people who like that size phone, I kinda hope they do an iPhone XR Mini (or SE2) next year that uses an iPhone 7-ish resolution in a device closer in size to the SE.

New Tech Talks about building apps for the iPhone XS and XR and complications for the Apple Watch Series 4 are available: developer.apple.com/videos/tec

The Kraken has been released. (If TestFlight can constitute a "release". And note that this is not in reference to a Mastodon client.)

Just updated a couple old AirPort Express units I no longer use for our in-house WiFi so I could use them as AirPlay 2 speaker bridges. Works great.

Had to figure out, though, that only iPad (not iPhone) can add them to the Home app across devices, and without doing that you can't seem to address them by name when giving Siri commands like "Play X in the office". (Thanks to TidBITS for the tip: tidbits.com/2018/08/28/apple-a)

So, I have occasion to want to know if the Reachability feature is enabled on an iPhone X from my app (so I can avoid enabling a swipe gesture recognizer that conflicts with it), but from what I can find, there doesn't appear to be an API that will tell you this.

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I just noticed I'm way more assertive at work when talking to my own team. I filed 3 bugs "Can X do Y?" against another team and one "X should do Y" against mine.

Kind of bummed that I haven’t been able to work on my Mastodon Mac client in the past week or so, but I’ve been making some good progress on another app we want to release fairly soon.

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Whenever I relaunch Linea in the simulator via Xcode, Safari on my Mac crashes. So that's fun.

So, you spend time getting ReplayKit implemented in your iPad app to support live streaming, and it finally works fine with Mobcrush, but then you go to test it with the YouTube app...

ReplayKit resumeBroadcast(): "Resumes the broadcast. The broadcast will resume immediately."

What they mean by "immediately" apparently is "after the user is prompted with a confirmation alert which they can decline".

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