What has turned out to be the longest TYFTH post so far should finally be ready this week.

On a 5 day Reason streak right now, hoping to make some decent progress before getting back to the mixing.

Very much enjoying E-Mantra - Stapanii Timpului, his strongest since Arcana. There might never be a better Mantra track than Praying Forest, but it's exciting to hear a new take on those atmospheres.

Some admin trouble means the TYFTH soundcloud's going to be hamstrung for a while, unfortunately. Working on it and will update as and when.

No problems with the test stream, so we're almost back in business. Next comes some practice time with polaritia and Khaosnet Civililization, then to decide on this month or next.

Checking the health of the TYFTH streaming setup today, before deciding on the next set.


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