First time hearing this Lab4 track, thanks to Shimo - totally agree with her that it sounds more like RaverRose in places.

About time for another stand-alone track - brings back memories of ending one of my favourite CODEX sets with this at 175bpm.

Been a quiet time for a week or so, mostly thanks to some fun behind the scenes music stuff. For now here's something smaller - Proteus' NRGetic Romancer set had been blocked on YT, but it's back up now with the copyrighted stuff removed.

Not the cleanest audio, but if you want to hear what it was really like at a Romancer event these recordings do a pretty good job. A great set from Proteus too, of course.

No freeform in this one, but a quality themed release from Mellow Sonic here. With all the Exemia recently I especially enjoyed the 1985 mix, while the 23rd Century mix could easily have turned into one of Mellow Sonic's hybrid freeform tracks.

Bear with me - music's happening but Other Things have had to take priority for a while. Got the start and some middle bits of a set, and that'll be the eventual next stream - still aiming for this month.

About time I started posting some TYFTH-related news here too, of the sort that's maybe not quite big/related enough to find its way to the site.

First is the reminder that's been going around lately to check out Cyanide Project's amazing (and downloadable!) collection of tracks and WIPs:

This month's stream is up on all the usual places now of course, but I've also just added it as a permanent highlight to twitch before it disappears.

(Still meaning to stick to that monthly-ish schedule for the time being, too)

A bit more jungle/hardcore, this time Lucky Spin vs Dee Jay Recordings from the ever-quality Jay Cunning.

I was mostly listening for DJ Crystl, but this set was a real Orca education too. 4 am aside, I wouldn't have been able to put a name to many of these.

It turns out that the file for Sunday's set is huge, so I might not have a chance to upload it for a couple of days. The tracklist with label info is all done, so it'll be pretty painless once I sit down to upload it. The soundcloud set will go up after that, which'll be easy enough.

In the meantime you can check it out on twitch instead, of course:

Very big thanks to everyone who listened in to last night's stream, it was a really good time. Extra special thanks to Shimo for the Fairy Rave Raid, I'm super happy that the new visitors were enjoying it too. It was a pretty hectic set though, so unfortunately I couldn't really welcome everyone in the chat as much as I would have liked.

Right now I'm boosting the audio from the recording. It'll probably be on YT and SC tomorrow, with the full tracklist.

TYFTH Live 009 is on for this weekend as planned. It'll be Sunday this time, and probably 19:30 JST. Will confirm that asap.

Plenty of oldies in this one - some unusual tracks as well as a few classics. Not too sure about the end of the set yet, but Cyhyraeth will defintely be in there somewhere.

I've been listening back to one of my favourite jungle sets from last year - Flight b2b Mantra for EQ50. I've always loved Flight's subtle mixing style, and Chickaboo's up there with Conrad as my favourite MC from the earliest days.

Massively recommended if you haven't heard this one yet.

Well, what a lovely response to the track preview there's been, I'm very grateful.

Better make it official though - I've been too busy for mixing today, so I'd rather postpone the stream til next weekend. Suddenly had a fun idea for the set, but whatever happens I'll give the new track a test run, of course.

Goes without saying, but I'm beyond honoured to be the first release on FINRG Legacy. This track's been a long time coming, but it's given me plenty of confidence to keep at it. Hopefully that'll mean more than one track a decade from now on.

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A promising track here from an up-and-comer in the scene, releasing soon on FINRG:

After not being massively inspired this week the chances of a set this weekend are pretty slim...will see how things are looking after a little practice tomorrow.

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Goapal is without doubt the most impressive DJ I've discovered in the last year or so, in any genre. It's rare to hear Goa mixed with this much care, check out his Starline Tour set as an example:

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