The Romancer set will start this evening at 20:00 JST.

In the meantime I recommend giving Jambato's Freeform Mix #4 some support. My favourite freeform set for quite some time, the highlights are as good as you'll have heard anywhere else this year.

No technical worries after all re. the next streamed set, but I'd like a little longer to prepare. Now scheduled for 5th June (Friday) at 20:00 JST instead. Practice so far has been very Romancer, hoping I can add a few more tracks in before next week.

Added to that are the security issues with TYFTH itself, which will be sorted asap. In the meantime I won't be posting on the site but will link a few things I was meaning to mention last week.

The death of a computer delayed the next stream, sorry about that - I'm trying to work out another option but can't say if things will be doable by this weekend. Planning to do some improvising over the next couple of days though, and will update here.

There should be some action on TYFTH this week when I get a chance, and another stream this weekend. Hoping to play an NRG set of the kind you'd have heard at Romancer back in the day, but there'll be plenty of older tracks that I'm using for the first time too.

This was the stream tracklist:

01 Khetzal - Garden of Nyagrodha Trees
02 Mindsphere - Divine Intervention
03 Alienapia & Khetzal - Endless Glade
04 E-Mantra - Solomonar
05 Atlantis - Acid Mantra
06 Mindsphere - Visual Perception
07 Astrancer - Neighbor
08 Psy-H Project - Active Meditation

Active Meditation was unmixed, so it's been cut from the YT version.

Thanks again to everyone who caught the goa stream, it's now up on YouTube too:

Goa stream this Friday evening (JST). It'll be on the melodic side with a least a couple of very new tracks. Will update asap with the time, on twitch as usual:

It wasn't quite in time for April, but I'll be streaming a goa set in the near future. Another mostly-decided set will appear later in May, too.

There's still a slim chance of a stream before the end of the month, will have a run through this evening and see how it's looking. Bigger plans afoot for May, either way.

Another from Oblivion Underground is an older set from Dolphin. Really excellent set construction for a live audience here.

Not quite TYFTH enough for a post, but if you're in the mood for some hardcore I'd recommend Scorpio and Tones' recent Made in Narnia set. Brings back lots of THC memories, and sounds a lot like a Lunch & Kanon b2b.

It's actually a dark ambient set that I've been working on over the past few months, but it's back on pause for now. The plan was to mix harmonically/in key throughout, and although I've had some really beautiful results it's tough going to repeatedly listen to the same section of dark droning while searching for connections.

Definitely planning to come back to it eventually, and I might even test out a version or two on stream when the time comes.

File under inspiration:

I try to vary my dark ambient listening as much as possible, but it's still Cryo Chamber that I keep coming back to. The new Dahlia's Tear album is a good example of why:

01. Qygen - Exit 133
02. Nomic - No Choice At All
03. Substanced - Blue Remembered Earth
04. Hyphen - Levival
05. polaritia - Sanctuary Infested
06. polarita - Like Stars Blink
07. Morita Yuuhei - Astrics
08. Kounta Kulture - Cannibal Girl
09. Substanced - Rise From The Darkness (Original Mix)
10. Substanced & Alchemiist - Facemelt
11. Le Dos-on - Zafkiel
12. Nomic - Unique Mind (Horzi remix)
13. Kokomochi - SIBYL
14. Carbon Based - Cyclone (Substanced remix)

Belated thanks to everyone who joined me for the set on Monday - we had a larger group than normal and it was great to see everyone enjoying it. As always, it was an absolute pleasure.

The set will be going up on soundcloud too (when I'll add a few other thoughts in a post), but for now here's the tracklist:

Will get a more official post up soon, but the plan now is for the set to be Monday evening (JST) instead. I've ended up spending more time on it than I expected, so I'd like to finish up a few more track choices before trying it out live.

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