It's actually a dark ambient set that I've been working on over the past few months, but it's back on pause for now. The plan was to mix harmonically/in key throughout, and although I've had some really beautiful results it's tough going to repeatedly listen to the same section of dark droning while searching for connections.

Definitely planning to come back to it eventually, and I might even test out a version or two on stream when the time comes.

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@thankyouforthehorse I recommend Endless by Nastika if you haven't yet. For the longest time I was convinced ambient could never sound "dark", but this one is proof otherwise!

@Sherkel Oh this is perfect, thanks! One of the problems with the mix planning was that there are so many subgenres I wasn't sticking around one for long enough. Some of it was definitely leaning more in the Nastika direction though..

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