I'll be adding a freeform or NRG track here each week that I think is a good unmixed, stand-alone listen.

First one is Mother, an unreleased track by The Machinist & Rika. Beautiful, gritty, late 2000s style here:

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@thankyouforthehorse "Mother", or in other words, "kreatrix"...clever!

Scrolling through that channel I found another I hadn't heard before, Martyrdom:

Damn, that is an intense ride, and an instant favorite. That rougher percussion and bass bring out the emotion in his style perfectly. Mixdown is weird in places, but done right I know it could get a crowd bleeding from their necks!

@Sherkel Ah this is great, hadn't heard it before either! A strong kick is usually enough to keep the older Kretrix stuff playable even with a wonky mixdown.

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