Also about time I posted up a few inspiration references:

I've been lucky enough to see a lot of Nagasawa Rosetsu's work over the years (including the collection at Muryo-ji, Wakayama), but I recently saw this incredible piece for the first time.

Titled 雨中釣燈龍図 (うちゅうつりとうろうず), translated as 'Hanging Lantern in the Rain,' it's part of the National Museum's often-rotated collection.

@thankyouforthehorse Did you catch this, by the way?
(Title's from Arthur C. Clarke, but it started with this Mastodon post!)


@Sherkel I hadn't heard this! Some satisfying filters in there, and enjoyed the big finale! Happy to have indirectly helped, I prefer the leaping tiger (called Dragon apparently) but this one's great too.

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