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There is nothing more lucrative and exploitative than religious entrepreneurship. The examples of just the criminal elements are endless: such as nityananda, Aasaram and Ram Rahim. And the latest to join this field is the Government of India.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, rose to power trailed by allegations of encouraging anti-­Muslim bigotry.

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So UP police will file FIRs for tweets but won’t solve the case of one of their own cops lynched by a mob and killed on duty? What They are doing is curbing freedom of expression on an already super biased platform

“As a 500-mile stretch from Sydney to Byron Bay continued to face catastrophic fire conditions, with 80 separate blazes burning and at least four deaths reported, Australians have watched, awe-struck, as life-changing destruction has been met with political sniping.”

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When the richest people in your country buy tweets like 2 bit frauds, it shows how pathetic your country and those richest people really are. Disgusting. Stuff your election to Met board.

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This is interesting. Can be very useful for handles that we need here but are not willing to shift here.

@commandlinekid made a few Twitter-to-Mastdon accounts so we can read Birdsite content here on Mastodon. please send @commandlinekid a list of handles you think needs a bot.

The few India bots already made:



BBC India

CC @musafir @Deepsealioness @Shudraism @Memeghnad

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This is what Bhumi Pednekar looks like in the poster of . In the film, it seems like she was smeared unevenly with boot polish. Only in will we see an actor in blackface deliver a furious monologue about how those with darker complexions are treated unfairly.

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She is deep, she is seal, and she is lioness... She is @Deepsealioness

Why are India's Twitter users moving to Mastodon?


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