PSA: you should install uBlock Origin on all your browsers if you haven't, to accelerate the collapse of the adtech surveillance economy. The Power Is Yours ™

@thatcosmonaut And/or put a Pi-Hole on your home network for a more complete ad blocking experience.

@thatcosmonaut PSA PSA install pi-hole and also block ads on your family's devices

@thatcosmonaut Plus what a privacy mess.

I don't want the world to know my shoe fetishes and bdsm interests...

Oh shit...

Yes! I also use:
• HTTPS Everywhere
• Privacy Badger
• Decentraleyes

@thatcosmonaut My experience with ad blocking in business is absurd. People spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on commercial AV products to "protect" the business. And without fail, malicious ads scam people of money, run cryptomining campaigns and supply ransomware, but everyone says "nah you can't block ads in business".

@thatcosmonaut And let's not forget I can't remember the last time McAfee Antivirus blocked something that wasn't a "malicious cookie"

@thatcosmonaut @Tlacaelel I have been using ghostery. Do you know it? It seems to work pretty well.

@saturno @Tlacaelel i think ghostery harvests your blocking data so I would recommend against it

@thatcosmonaut I tend to use noscript, block everything by default (except for a very short whitelist of websites managed by people I know) and enable stuff as I need it (and just as long as I do).

It's also the one used by default on my other browser (torbrowser)

I've also asked it not to reload other pages, so that I can enable stuff like google on one page, see it, disable google and close the page, without allowing all of the google contents from the other tabs.

@thatcosmonaut does uBlock Origin have any features missing from uMatrix? ( same developer, I believe )

@thatcosmonaut I believe it can only really be effective is you also contribute financially to ad- and surveillance-Free alternatives.

@thatcosmonaut or for a more manual solution, adjust your host file and send the ads to

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