Okay, going from the 20-25 minute (including warmups) exercise routine I’m comfy with to an intermediate rated workout that’s like three 7-minute workouts back to back was intense.

DOMS gonna hit me so hard this weekend. Maybe I alternate mad soccer player workout semiweekly with the old routine the other 4-5 days.

One of my little workplace joys is helping frustrated civil servants blow off steam by writing monologues in their voice of what it seems like they’d say if the civility filters could come off.

« Now I’m going to get all freaking passive-aggressive right back at you by highlighting the detail you ignored. Thank you so hard. I mean much. »

If only Court Jester duties came with a Grand Vizier paycheque.

Since late June there have been acts of vandalism in my neighbourhood. It looks like the work of emboldened Nazis and bible thumpers.

Last night several businesses had windows smashed.

My neighbourhood is pretty friendly to white gay cisgender bros, and a place where the rest of us can mostly be accepted and accepting.

Trying to figure out how to make positive use of my disgust.

Part of me wants to contact the person trainer who set my routine up almost a year ago to review progress and set new goals. Part of me is embarrassed at how noticeable the expense of a consultation is given my finances. Part of me wants to see if I can design my own workout based on parameters that haven't changed much other than I'm hella stronger now.

After a few weeks using the bench press machine, I went back to free weights for my one-arm presses. No sign of the joint problems that had me topping out at 30# per arm, but the difference in muscles worked meant using 25# dumbbells this time for strength in the specific muscles worked.

The difference between directly over the shoulder on my own and a few inches to the side with a machine putting my movements on a safety rail was more pronounced than I'd expected.

Perhaps I will call myself Lord Jabu Jabu when I put on the Ancient Fish King binder. It's got enough hooks to catch a royal fish.

Would be down for a film starring Halle Berry where she decides whether or not to murder her oppressors unawares in their bed.

reminder that open source is like only 3%-5% women and that is not by accident

At the multicultural event in Yonge Dundas Square today, the announcer referred to Mexicans as our lovely neighbours to the south.

I got some hurts today 

phlebotomist visit 

We endured a considerable amount of miscommunication and stress in handling what should have been a well defined transaction. 2+ months after getting things started, it is done effective Tuesday:

- secure a new mortgage with a bank
- apply saved $ and new mortgage to pay out current mortgage with a private lender when it comes due

I took yesterday away from work entirely. It was the only reasonable choice.

As we head into the Canada Day weekend, CBC publishes a highly Canadian story about a man, a canoe, and a briefcase full of Crappy Tire money:

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