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Yes, *that* Dawn person

Chris: "As far as I can perceive in my current state [mental health context], you are [redacted]."
Kim: "That is not true."

Chris and Kim each insulted the other through choice of language. Chris by speaking a suspected-inaccurate negative perception to Kim with "you are X" language. Kim by appearing to dismiss Chris's reality when probably meaning to address the perception as not shared.

Public service announcement: coffee naps are A Thing. Drink coffee (I usually do in bed for a coffee nap), sleep 15-40 minutes, wake up.

I'm not the only person I know who wakes feeling rested for the rest of the day after a coffee nap on a groggy day. I don't know if it's universal in application.

I fail to get the expansion of BIPOC right at first thought more than half the time. No problem when it's written IBPOC. Bi visibility is one of my things: likely related.

Using a menstrual cup makes a fellow tolerably good at estimating the volume of semi-congealed spills encountered in public places. Hope the mammal who got separated from their blood is doing okay.

If anybody else wants to FITE ME with their YOUR OPINION IS WRONG BECAUSE IT'S NOT MINE about women, politics, leadership, the garbage chute is down the hall: deposit yourself.

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Thinking on the Ontario Conservative Party's recent leadership election, the infrastructure, the result, the second-place candidate's response to a close loss where she won the popular vote and the most ridings, and general responses on social media.

It's not solely my own bias. Society across North America has been growing increasingly hostile to leadership roles for women specifically and historically disadvantaged groups in general.

And highly competent "losers" are expected to be gracious.

Had a positive experience with A Co. recently. Someone working at a nearby office of A Co. arranged a phone appointment with me this morning and flaked with no notice.

Waste of my time and attention. Harm to A Co.'s brand. Harm to my potential work with A Co.'s competitors, some of whom asked me if I'd like to work with them on the identical thing.

Irritated that my mind wants to categorize the flaking employee's behaviour as representative of their demographic characteristics.

I seem to have run out of fucks. Maybe it's fatigue. There are many causes for tired today.

Life upheaval. Will be spending most of the day in various forms of travel. Do not want. Cannot avoid.

Dehydrated, hurting, unemployed, expecting a call some time this morning.

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Had an appointment with the clinic dietician on Thursday to do the education thing.

I'm doing most of the stuff she recommends for everyone. Notable exceptions: white vs brown rice, fat types, fish, aerobic exercise, evening meal (I don't have one).

They have a food program that we probably qualify for (no income since July) but I demurred. It feels like taking resources from people who need it more when we have savings available.

+ unexpected 2nd round interview won
- rejected for a job I'd have liked to do
+ solid 1st interview for a job in my wheelhouse
- lost to a better fit candidate for the job I wanted
- unexpected urgent situation with offspring
- 4 months of no communication before sudden emergency
+ open data stuff
- period started
- at end of planned savings with no income

I get knocked down but I'll get up again.
First, though: MF OUCH. I'm lie here and cry.

TFW you've had a broken night's sleep (sleep?), are hoping for a positive resolution for long term employment that is now out of your hands, and have received increasingly troublesome details about a loved one's health and housing situation.
Which you'd be able to think more clearly about and strategize for if only there had been restful sleep, steady income, and the bearer of news providing more complete and timely information since, oh, October.

Horrified the choir director by speaking French in that "Anglo who was forced to learn enough Franglais to read a cereal box" accent.

God/life giving a person only as much difficulty in life as they have strength to bear is a particularly poisonous aspect of prosperity gospel/mindset.

People break under extreme pressure for reasons that have nothing to do with morality.