why come out of the closet when you could come out of your well to shame mankind

It was playing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy when I went by. Didn’t stop in.

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this is one of the coolest goddamn things I've ever seen

It’s just hard to spend money that will be reimbursed when I know how recent needed purchases have knocked the household budget well out of true.

Straddler problems.

I have gotten out of the practice of spending and expensing on myself for work-related travel. Self care includes taking more expensive options to lower stress when the net cost difference is 0 to me and a rounding error to the paying department.

I will take a taxi, not public transit, to the hotel tonight.

Okay the express train to the airport is nicer than the bus, and it’s worth the extra $6 to me

other Nuit Blanche thoughts 

other Nuit Blanche thoughts 

other Nuit Blanche thoughts 

other Nuit Blanche thoughts 

Today has not even a workout scheduled.

Having had maybe an hour total in naps for my sleep since waking Saturday morning around 6am, my body is telling me “tired” simultaneously with “no sleep for you”.

Overnight at Nuit Blanche volunteering there was solid provision of food to keep folks going.

I have thoughts from the event.

misheard lyrics, lewd? 

My October is pretty full.

Practice music more often all month.
Choral retreat with Nathaniel Dett Singers’ director 5.
Nuit Blanche art facilitation 5-6 (14-16 hours in a row) plus 2 hours on 4.
Travel AB SK MB for new stuff in paid work 9-11.
Put down current paid work for 1.5 year project. Document much.
DRO in federal election 21.
Choir concert 26. Extra rehearsals.
Travel YOW for new work 28-31.

Try to get extra rest, snuggles when possible.

Can’t find a new Toastmaster club: no time.

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