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Yes, *that* Dawn person

I took this recording on Saturday's early morning group walk in High Park as we all listened for birdsong.

There remains a small worry that a few people who have done ill to/by me and/or my loved ones in the past will bring unpleasantness into my life in future if circumstances make it convenient for them to do so. I cannot hide awaiting their redemption or demise. I must live.

Not entirely without caution. Rather by the same attitude that helps me dress appropriately to the weather and occasion every day.

Today's sunny and springlike. The world beckons.

Flowers from a couple of days ago. High Park, which has been a good place to settle my mind from time to time.

Will be moving to a place near a smaller park with greenhouses in the future.

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Cat food doesn't usually have pork as a major ingredient (with some exceptions, per

I would like to believe the reason is not due to consumer (or cultural) expectations but rather because pork tastes too much like human flesh. Why keep them around if we can just eat them and find a new one by acting like a kitten?

Got email from the HR person at the place I would especially love to work last night. Did not get the position I applied for but she would like to discuss possibilities later this week.

In other news, our offer to purchase a condo in our ideal neighbourhood was accepted by the seller. We close in a little less than three weeks, the same day I audition for the 24-voice choir I especially would like to join.

Repeat after me:

My experience is not everybody's experience.

My perspective is not everybody's perspective.

My "obvious" is not everybody's "obvious".

The Men In Comics panel was saved from clumsy satire by one of the panelists taking gender and sex in stories and the industry seriously and most of the others following her lead.

I would have liked to see the "man joking" cut in half (it was already under half the content) but I did appreciate the cathartic and instructional aspects of putting stereotypes to Bizarro use.

K has visitors! So much young woman in the partment. They're decompressing before out of town travel but welcome to stay the night if needed.

Good to see/hear her interact with humans in meat space, even if it is past my bedtime.

Today is a day to write. Not cover letters and job applications but poetry and essays from the short speeches I've given over the past half year.

The poems (now a set of three) should be baked in a few more days of revising. The essays will go up on the WP site I've squatted unproductively on for months as a visible journey to self discovery and leadership.

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One of the local ice cream trucks plays Turkey in the Straw.

If I had a little chicken and he wouldn't lay an egg, is pouring hot fluids up and down his leg going to help? Maybe I should check with the chicken and see if his personal pronouns or other aspects of his identity make laying an egg difficult, unpleasant, or impossible.

Word count as a measure of progress for poetry is weird.

Latest (5th? lost count) draft of my submission of the CBC poetry award is now under 500 words. Contemplating whether I want to write an additional piece or leave 100 of the allowed word count to remain unwritten.

Boys with skirts.

Boost if you agree.

(yep, this is a re-edition, the first one died with my previous instance)

Went to an IT mini conference today. Spoke with some people. Listened to some talks. Participated in some group discussion. Drank some bad coffee that was free. Did not buy a $20 lunch on site. Did not die. Picked up contact information for a couple of people I might want to get in touch with later this week.

Did not flip out on the guy in one talk who claims there are IT leadership positions going unfilled because there aren't enough people. Nodded at the 40ish woman thinking of leaving tech.

Took a call from someone selling a program that would give me a neat package I could sell to folks who want structured coaching.

My sweetie said, based on my end of the phone conversation and discussion after, that it smells very Amway.

Did the Tick ever note that when you have a date with Justice you spend a lot of time cooling your heels?

Last toot was brought to you in part by the image of a starveling falling on a bowl of gamja tang as though it were manna from the heavens. Simple pork bone soup.

Working on poetry. Refining my next speech. Volunteering within my energy limits. Going to a Jane's Walk this morning.

I can accomplish much. Leaving that outside my influence to awareness rather than anxiety helps.

Persistent depression and prolonged unemployment will not always define me.

I do need more than fumes to run on: Calvinistic self denial is viciously destructive.