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Can't close up the house and run the air conditioner today because S is sanding and finishing floors. I went to the hardware store to get kneepads, a 15 minute walk each way, between 8 and 9 am, and came back not drenched but sweaty enough to tear my shirt off.
Stay safe and properly hydrated wherever you are, awoots.

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Finding a critical item had rolled under the wardrobe led to a question.

What type of being would live under the closet? A queer monster seems too pat an answer.

Interesting core exercise in the supplemental exercises to the 7 minute workout challenge: they call it crucifix hold.
It's not the weightlifters' controversial static hold. It's a modified plank, in which you move your arms as far to the sides as possible and still hold plank position. Tough for core and arms, but I managed to hold for a full 30 seconds before collapsing.

"It's about a three."
"On what scale?"
"''Meh' to [looks at synecdochic@dw's recent post about radiation therapy] 'shitting cockgoblin fuckmuppet'."

Woke this morning with a false memory of a singing a specific song in my teen years that was written by someone who was born three years later than me and didn't start publishing music until her early twenties. Looked up the lyrics, which I had remembered clearly. Now I wonder where and when I learned the song. I think I transplanted the memory of singing it in a group to the time that makes the most sense based on my life events.

One wonders what the ethical issues around disclosure of planned leave (or secondment or 100% release time) are when one is a candidate for a leadership post. Then there are optics and trust concerns, which are in some respects critical.
In my opinion, it's dirty pool to let unsuspecting people come to an invalid conclusion about short and medium term commitments. Bridges burned don't rebuild effortlessly.

I have never asked my cats what their pronouns are. Mostly I refer to them by name or nickname. Cat. Runty. Your Majesty. Kitten. Tube. Cat Scientist. You Can Stop Digging. [SFX: squee]. That One. Little Moo. Meep.

Broke a molar at breakfast this morning. Got in to an emergency dentist at 16:15, out before 1700h.
Two hours later, I am still frozen enough that drinking is hard, the idea of eating is fraught, and my speech impediment is endearing and kind of intermittent.

The "female coach" voice on my workout app says "burpees" with such enthusiasm you'd think they were the kegels she's been looking forward to all day.
On reflection, maybe non-bastardo burpees *are* more fun than kegels.

@snowcrashmike \o/ progress!

Expecting to alternate between panicking about the state of the house for sale readiness and trying to get some board governance work done tomorrow. One week of nominal employment left for me, then several weeks of fretting whether HR will get the paperwork right for July payout.

One learns to play the bag/container limits for all they're worth in times like these.

Definite mental shift from "get out/away" and "dump cruft" to "find and plan to fix", "focus on our future" today. Five cargo van loads of stuff out the door today.
There is still more to give/sell/junk, sure. Now there is both physical and cognitive space to move towards a future, not awoo from a past.

Asking a question whose answer I expect to be an emphatic "no" is not a trick or a trap. It's one way I check my perception of reality when I need a saving throw. Responding in the positive tells me my filters are broken. And I fail that check.

Looking through some old photos, I have sometimes been heckin cute, I've always had masculine features (kiitos, äiti), and I had a period when I channelled a 2014-era Laurie Anderson through time (albeit without the dimples).
Which reminds me I need a haircut, or at least a short butchy buzz below the brow line.

It is tellingly comforting to have the remote subsistence option available if it should be needed or wanted down the line. I am, we are privileged in this (and much more beside).

Slept in this morning, for values of 0700 and not knowing Vash had come to check on me three times between 0530 and 7.
Feeling an improved level of focus: not all the time, but easier to sustain work and concentration without getting distracted. Clear thought, deliberate action, less chasing butterflies, more seeing them as butterflies.

@snowcrashmike There will always be a place for those who serve cats.