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Yes, *that* Dawn person @thatdawnperson

Looking through some old photos, I have sometimes been heckin cute, I've always had masculine features (kiitos, äiti), and I had a period when I channelled a 2014-era Laurie Anderson through time (albeit without the dimples).
Which reminds me I need a haircut, or at least a short butchy buzz below the brow line.

It is tellingly comforting to have the remote subsistence option available if it should be needed or wanted down the line. I am, we are privileged in this (and much more beside).

Slept in this morning, for values of 0700 and not knowing Vash had come to check on me three times between 0530 and 7.
Feeling an improved level of focus: not all the time, but easier to sustain work and concentration without getting distracted. Clear thought, deliberate action, less chasing butterflies, more seeing them as butterflies.

@snowcrashmike There will always be a place for those who serve cats.

I left my keys at the office today.
Feels like I won't be needing them.
Resting up for tomorrow, one of many large days in my future.

Although it was not my intention to Canadian at someone, nonetheless I invoked Toller Cranston, Elvis Stojko, and the triple Salchow (pronounced "sow cow") in a brief span of conversation.
I feel as though I ought to be a little abashed.

I have no idea why my brain uses space to distinguish among various sects that call themselves Christian. That real estate could be better occupied by song lyrics and chord changes.

Saturday: Pride in the park. Prince, Elton John covers. Drag queens & kings. Community booths.
Sunday: Prayer in the park. Quiet guitar, earnest speaker. Calvinists and Evangelicals.

*roars, stretches*
"You should totally Hulk out on your last day of work."
"This isn't my last day."
"It could be."

Got in from the movie (walked downtown to see Nausicaä as part of a Studio Ghibli festival) just as the rain started again.

Morning commute today included a sidewalk cyclist with two bulging panniers passing me in an intersection with lots of space, then half a block further on forcing a pedestrian to squeeze to the margin of heavy growth in a garden.
Cycling infrastructure on that part of Park is one painted lane on each side of the road. Bike lanes leave less room than a bus width for vehicles.
Cyclist would have been on the wrong side of the road if they'd used the bike lane, which itself had some bicycle traffic.

Sigh. Male != make, except it's perceived that way.
I blame society. And fat fnigers.

My job got advertised today, which means there's a chance a replacement person for my role will have accepted before my termination date.
Counted down the years: this is the first time I've resigned from a position without a job offer in hand since 1990.
It is freeing. Also intermittently terrifying because we depend heavily on my income.

Completed Horizon Zero Dawn. Sweetie has been great listening to me dork about the first fighting RPG with a significant skill component I've beaten on the PS4.
Prior console solo completions of note include FF XIII-2, Portal 2, Beyond Good and Evil, and Ocarina of Time.

Annoyed Amaroq doesn't save a draft when I pop into a browser to check something mid-toot.

@dwenius Whether it takes the form of an app, an IFTTT recipe, or something else, a bird/awoo/other-networks tool would be useful to me. I currently multi-post or select one network, with IFTTT handling bird-to-f automatically via tag use.

Delete seems to work, and errors when you try it twice. Beats writing commands into the "control" froup.

Wow, I found a large organization with a transparent, exceedingly humane hiring process. That has values that aren't orthogonal to mine.
It'll never happen, but a guy can dream.