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Yes, *that* Dawn person @thatdawnperson

Completed Horizon Zero Dawn. Sweetie has been great listening to me dork about the first fighting RPG with a significant skill component I've beaten on the PS4.
Prior console solo completions of note include FF XIII-2, Portal 2, Beyond Good and Evil, and Ocarina of Time.

Annoyed Amaroq doesn't save a draft when I pop into a browser to check something mid-toot.

@dwenius Whether it takes the form of an app, an IFTTT recipe, or something else, a bird/awoo/other-networks tool would be useful to me. I currently multi-post or select one network, with IFTTT handling bird-to-f automatically via tag use.

Delete seems to work, and errors when you try it twice. Beats writing commands into the "control" froup.

Wow, I found a large organization with a transparent, exceedingly humane hiring process. That has values that aren't orthogonal to mine.
It'll never happen, but a guy can dream.

Perhaps in honour of Mothra's Day we should all watch our favourite Gojira films.

@photopuck I don't think I am capable of not answering the phone in the middle of the night after what came before. It has been a day.

"We sang along to all the songs and had fun. The performers really appreciated it."
"I punched a pick-up truck. It was white."

TFW an acquaintance tries hard to make casual conversation about Deadname they barely knew and intrusiveness + misgendering reaches new levels of awkward.

After so many years there remains a part of me terrified of karmic punishment for the deliberate, persistent act of taking care of myself.
This social construct is so broken, held together by sheer force of will of the highly entitled. Hello, gentlemen.

Tulips, periwinkle, grass, and a flowery plant whose name I have forgotten.

@snowcrashmike Furniture divestment is on our list for the coming month. If you have a need and @photopuck and I can agree on details, we may have some lovingly cat-haired items a motivated person could make off with.

could be a new groove. More aerobically intense in one 7 minute set than 100 burpees in 20 minutes. Feels approximately equivalent to about 50 burpees, so I did 50 burpees after one run through.
Variety in exercise feels worthy, every large set getting something. Push ups with side rotation are hard, mostly it feels like a balance but could be strength.
I will find Exercise Guy annoying quickly. Maybe need a different app.
Will try 2 sets on the weekend and see if that fills in the gap.

@dwenius merry adventure. Guy nod and a coffee mug raised in your general direction.

My parting gift to Redacted sched-posted today on Medium. Since I am neither self-promoting nor famous, the only eyeballs that will encounter it are the ones I direct there.
Given the state of the job search, I'm good with that. Besides, nothing in my letter/essay is anything I'm afraid of a future boss in a decent workplace seeing.

Finally beat the Grave Hoard Deathbringer in HZD today. Watching videos beforehand reassured me this was a hard fight but one that didn't depend on a singular move, weapon, or technique only applicable to this boss arena.
The collapsible platform was annoying the first time. That was new and I'll be looking for its analogue later in the game.

If you're curious about implementing inclusiveness in open source, you could do worse than look into Dreamwidth. They've spent years working on accessibility, inclusiveness and social justice in the codebase. I think a lot of the Mastodon community would feel comfortable with them and their approach. I've spent a few years knocking around DW and Mastodon feels very similar in community.

Little things that enhance a life to bearability: competent albeit lazy professional jazz band at the library. Coffee at my local (Pyrus) later. A William Ury book. Plans coming together for the separation stage of the current adventure.
A sweetie, partner, batman, advisor, resident sexy Klingon. The cats.
Taking time to say thank you.