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Yes, *that* Dawn person

On the positive side of the scale, I am making meaningful friendships and accomplishing things I would once have considered laughably remote possibility.
Public performance in Nuit Blanche. First female-bodied tenor in a choir and a core voice of the section. Toastmasters. Volunteering. Activism. People seeing me on the street and striking up conversations because they remember liking me.
It looks like I may be making contributions to a local tech meetup and a global ITSM org in coming weeks.

Autocorrect, why you replace my "nor"s with "not"s?

One of the reasons you don't see depressed people calling out for help so much is that they're afraid to do it because in their heads they suspect that no one really cares and if they call out for help and no one answers they'll know it's the truth.

Read a 2015 article on trans broken arm syndrome thanks to a conversation elsewhere on the social intertubes. Both article and comments reminded me of the challenges, successes, and (in some cases life threatening) failures trying to help Redacted navigate the Ontario health care system and social services.
I acted with the knowledge I had at the time. I made mistakes. I found some good people in unexpected places. And Redacted is now alive and receiving decent (not comprehensive) health care.

Autocorrect adding grammatical errors in the service of fixing typos(*). Sigh.
On the bright side, I don't fixate on prescriptive language as much as when I was younger and desperate to break into the social groups of higher socio-economic classes.

(*) Its 'they're' replaced my 'their'

I've been enjoying this break from birdsite. There are people I interact with there, so will likely return with a reduced footprint in the next few days to weeks.
Some of the accounts I follow may be better in a reader/RSS feed since they're most valuable to me feature is links to essays.

Okay I am walking down to the art supply store where I will buy several more litres of paint, because that's just how I roll. Except "roll" isn't accurate because I paint exclusively my bare hands.


Utilities and property taxes scheduled for cancellation on house sale date. Two legal hurdles that I know of remain before end of next week: a witness for spousal signature on some stuff and a title thing the lawyer's office seems to have well in hand.
It'll be nice to start looking seriously at "forever home" candidates, even though the income stuff remains to be finalized.

It turns out doing the lawyer stuff today was a very good idea, for multiple reasons. Looking forward to seeing the $ in my account in a week, once the sale date comes with all remaining details taken care of.
Fuck law offices that dispose of prior client documents after 10 years. Good thing I saved copies.

Went to the driving women in tech meetup/focus group yesterday (playing hooky from coop AGM for it).
Good: much diversity in the large group.
Suck: I continue to be an outlier by actually working in IT. Most of the women were in marketing or HR roles in support of tech.
Good: several women surviving in the startup space.

With his latest piece, Eminem makes freestyle rap look difficult and not a little cumbersome.
I suspect his presentation, pauses, false starts and all, is an intentional aspect of the performance. The man, and the common man he represents, is embattled the point of being clearly unable to focus on the work at hand. The US is a danger zone, dragging the world into its wake.
The mundane explanation "Eminem has lost his edge" is possible but less convincing.

d: [heats up soy milk, adds cocoa, stirs, adds coffee, stirs]
s: Since we moved to the city you've started making ridiculous coffee drinks!
d: I've made this to drink leftover coffee for years. You just never saw me do it before.

Playing pick the autocomplete word to a sentence. The best way to get the hang of it was not immediately clear. I'm so tired and sleepy but I'm still waiting to see my tweets frozen in time and money.
I love you so much better now that the government has been in my head.
The fact is that it would mean the world to her in a while.
I'm not going anywhere else in this country.
The only thing is a great day for a long time ago when he was not immediately available.

Thanksgiving with family of choice and no expectations from family of origin rocks. Also, waffles: they require so much cleanup, which is a good thing since it helps them retain "special meal" status.

I am under a cat. I could get up at any time, except for being under this beautiful sentient being.

If I pronounced spoken English the way I sing English classically, people would stare. Well, maybe not because Toronto, but you know they'd be thinking it.

@jasminehenry for those who aren't familiar with the kinds of great things being written at New Normative, the latest piece on toxicity in Overwatch and how it's encouraged by game devs like Jeff Kaplan is a masterful examination of the world of game development priorities and rich white male entitlement:

I'm awake for a while but Spike just now got off my hand. And the person nestled against my butt is kind of nice too.