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Yes, *that* Dawn person

I can't have photogenic cats. This one because of low light needing flash.

I have introduced the term "bunnyhug" (a legit word in SK) to my little trans-friendly online commune and they're oozing with adorbs for the word. Is this how language shifts happen?

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I should probably look up the SANS Chirstmas/advent challenge and do that as well to test my infosec chops.

Anybody who wants to follow along with my fumbles toward writing JavaScript can find my AoC solutions as I upload them to a public repository on my GitHub account (this name, not the one I'm using for professional porpoises). This is what someone who learned CS when the discipline was still somewhat shiny and new does, taking baby steps to using the functionality of a new-to-them language after a period of not coding.
Today I added a module from npm.js to the mix to remove the test data kludge.

So the thing I thought I wanted is still the thing I want. I hope I earn it, and keep earning it.

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I wrote a WCW travesty on birdsite to get it out of my head.
First deliberate use of over the old 140 limit.
Not reposting here. You can find it over there, same username.
Other plum colours could be substituted and it would still scan. I'm partial to German plums: bluish purple outside, green flesh turning golden when overripe.

Plosives, not doubled fricatives. Sigh.
The current situation is directly attributable to Saturday's 1.5h choral concert performance, having a cold, and taking menthol to thin the mucus.
Doing a Bobby Helms impression at intermission and conversing in froggy tones after the concert during tear down I'm certain had nothing to do with it.

I've started Advent of Code to knock the rust of my algorithm and logic skills and solidify practice in JavaScript, which I'm learning. I completed the first day yesterday, and two days to catch up to the current release schedule today.
I wish I could work ahead, but it is helpful to have the release of puzzles be slow and steady.
Feels good to be using those synapses.

Aside from coughing, my vocal production has consisted of sounds that can be made by blowing air past disengaged vocal folds and shaping it with the mouth. Unvoiced sibilances, fricatives, fricatives; whistles, tongue clicks.
I cannot remember the last time I've felt my instrument so in need of rest and repair that I've shut up entirely for over twelve hours. This may be the first time.
I'd known trouble was brewing during the concert and sang as lightly as possible to mitigate further harm.

...but not easy to get a photo of. He's so curious.

This is one reason why editing toots or verifying "yes, awoo now" (or "yes, abandon without saving") is needed.

Refrained from asking the presenter if they knew how badly their marketing/sales process fit their market demographic.
The meetup itself was sub par for conversation and idea sharing. I didn't help, admittedly. On the other paw, several companies are looking for developers developers developers.

There are many factors at play, but I think structural sexism is a notable contributor to how I'm perceived as someone with a tech and leadership background.

I am in awe of people who have structural racism or ableism to deal with in their own professions and day to day lives. It appears to be a much bigger (set of) disadvantage(s) than I have.

I'm grateful for the people who share with me a glimpse of their lives under kyriarchy. It opens my eyes and helps me think deeper.

Fuck people who think the the only measure of value is in dollars.

Also I admire how everyone efficiently gets off the rink and stays off for resurfacing even when skates cost $5/HR to rent. Zambonis lay down water on the ice, making a good reflecting surface.