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Huh! Chambara is out on, Steam, and Humble!

I'm so happy to get this out to everybody!

Huh! Chambara is out on, Steam, and Humble!

I'm so happy to get this out to everybody!

The PS4 version of the game released just in North America. We've been itching to get it out everywhere ever since.

cool, Chambara's coming out tomorrow in all territories. That's good.

How are you all holding up Mastodon? Good day for you? Bad?

Hey! Can I recruit some folks here to test a game out for me while filling out a little survey? Promise it won't take too long.

peace to those for whom thanksgiving is a bad time

Guess what, everyone! The Dominique Pamplemousse games are now pay-what-you-want on! Grab 'em at

I found a MFA games scholarship that lines up with pretty much everything I'm about, so I'm pretty excited about trying out for that.

had situations with Chambara as my thesis played out differently, I would have definitely taken USC's Experimental "Game-A-Week" Workshop class.

I just got back from the UCLA Game Art Festival and that was super cool! So much of the alt games stuff at the fringes hits for me and I love talking to the devs of those games.

I opened up iMovie and I can't believe that I edited most of our trailers using it lol

The good thing about being out of college is having more control over what projects I take up.

its good that I care a lot about each of my five concurrent projects now, even if everything is more consequential.

God I'm too busy this week >_<. All my project deadlines are converging into the same general timeframe and I want them all to be good.

Feeling thorny on main so bugger off

Working on three games again. 🎶

Because working is my coping mechanism. 🎶

They'll be good. 🎶