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I'm preparing for a design interview and i'm hoping it'll turn out okay!

"We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings." - R.I.P. Ursula Le Guin

My Grandad's advice for safe driving was: "Always remember you're controlling a potentially lethal weapon". I think it helped me to take driving even more seriously.

Perhaps it's good advice for us technologists too...

"Always remember you're programming a potential platform for bullying and harassment".

"Always remember you're designing a potential system for mass surveillance".

"Always remember you're deploying a potential tool for mass social unrest".

There's not much about the game-making process I don't like tbh.

most of the recent projects i've been on over the last two years were loop based games where it was more important to have quick and juicy menu flow. Stuff like that took much more of my attention and resources.

I've been working on a design test for a progression-based project, and I really enjoyed this kind of design. Embedding a tutorial, exploring the applications of a verb and creating fun challenges for that. Its challenging and fun.

I'm working on some stuff for FlatJam but might have to publish it pseudynomously.

So uh, New Year, New Job (at some point hopefully soon).

If you’re looking for an experienced Unity developer with loads of mobile and/or VR experience, holler!

🚀 🚀

#gamedev #unity3d

aaah, I applied to more or less a dream job at a studio that fits me like a glove and I'm stressed about it.

The thread going around with people talking about getting to make games because they have good relationships with parents or partners irks me because I wish I did.

The PS4 version of the game released just in North America. We've been itching to get it out everywhere ever since.

cool, Chambara's coming out tomorrow in all territories. That's good.

How are you all holding up Mastodon? Good day for you? Bad?

Hey! Can I recruit some folks here to test a game out for me while filling out a little survey? Promise it won't take too long.