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Is this possibly one of the most over engineered MSX1 machines ever!? My gorgeous Pioneer PX-7 isn't outputting video but keyboard works (I can enter sound commands which run ok). Any clues as I want to move this on but in a basic working state..

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RT @Public_Citizen
Pride corporate sponsors bankrolling anti-LGBTQ politicians:

Toyota: $601,500

AT&T: $297,990

Comcast: $121,350

State Farm: $79,550

Fedex: $67,000

Amazon: $62,500

General Motors: $48,500

Budweiser: $42,250

Enterprise: $41,300

Walmart: $24,500

Corporate Pride is a sham.

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Trick for newest version of Firefox on Linux: Prevent scrollbars from automatically hiding 

Firefox on Linux recently introduced a "feature" that fades out the scrollbar if you don't move your mouse. If you're like me and don't like invisible scrollbars, you can simply deactivate this "feature".

Go to the address bar and type "about:config" (without the quotes, obviously). Agree to be careful. Search for "widget.gtk.overlay-scrollbars.enabled" and toggle the entry from "true" to "false" by double-clicking it. Just close the about:config tab and you're done. :-)

(Sorry, I had to delete and redraft, since I first got the name of the preference wrong...)

#Firefox #Linux #scrollbars #GTK (boosts OK)

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I have no earthly idea what I'm doing here... we'll get it, right? @particlesbbs on Twitter :)

A Kirby Heritage II picked up at thrift shop last year. My parents had this exact same model back in the 80s. This one has 1985 date stamps on it. I replaced the plastic parts in the bag, laundered the bag fabric, and replaced the roller in the carpet nozzle and it works like new.

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Thx to Cedrick Hafner

"Mount Rushmore, as seen from canadian side."

I frequently leave out when I write things and I never realize until right after I post.

It’s really nice this network has delete and redraft for those moments of mental incontinence.

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Why search engines still index Pinterest is beyond my comprehension.

But I guess good for them for putting so much content at the end of cul-de-sacs behind their walls. They’re really winning the current internet. 🤷

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when you run a cat rescue / recording studio, you need to make sure you have good security.

This is why all of our visitors go through what's affectionately been dubbed "the cat scan".

#cats #cat #photography

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TIL: purely numeric hashtags don't work on mastodon. Let's try these instead:
#68K #65C816 #65C02 #6502asm

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Well, after repainting the blue walls with the right color match, I got the tape and plastic pulled up. Now I'm waiting for the murphy bed with in-line couch to ship at the end of the month to do much more. Though I will be able to replace worn out electrical outlets while I'm waiting.

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Someone handed us every AOL CD. That is, every variation of every America On-Line CD-ROM. Over 5,000 variations.

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