glad to see we're reverting to the twitter axiom of celebrity being superior to non-celebrity, etc

I feel terrible doing this, especially since so many people have to use GoFundMe just to stay alive now, but this is very important to me and anything you can contribute would be a huge help and greatly appreciated:

You have room for the Lord on your timeline...... don't you?

i invented big tiddy alf on twitter, you coward's

Another furry gacha with her famous challenge quote

skyrim on switch is a real treat. its weird playing a game that is buggy as hell on the same console that breath of the wild exists on

This person, they're a real work of art, just like Blacksad... But they also have the emotional intelligence of a middle schooler... Just like Blacksad.

fun fact: adobe has published license keys to macromedia applications that they don't want to host the key server for anymore

get em while they're hot

the new mitski album is fantastic. cant recommend it enough

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