Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there! You’re awesome!! Good job on everything you do for your kids! You make sure you’re at every game, you tolerate every tantrum (from the kids and your wives), you make sure you get their birthday and Christmas presents on time, and some of you even stay at home and clean the place while the Mama goes to work! Whatever you do, however you do it, keep it up! This ones for you, because you matter just as much as we do!

To the selfish drug user next door: 

I get that it’s just marijuana, but it’s still illegal, and when you smoke it literally all day it sucks. We can’t have our door open, we can’t sit outside, nobody on our side of the complex goes outside when every other side does, people don’t like walking here because it’s all you smell. Stop being a dick, and keep your door shut if you’re gonna smoke, you’re not the only person who lives here asshole. There’s a LOT of kids. And you’re just being a fucktard.

The Greatest Showman should have much more credit then it does

I just found out my local movie theatre does baby-friendly movie showings, and you need a baby 2 or you get in, and they provide bottle warmers and change tables! I’m so grateful for this! Been wanting to go to the movies for months and now I can 😭🙏🏼

financial need, immediate, boost plz? 

I could really use a boost.


Money is a superpower.
Lend me your pennies, and I'll make them into shields against the abusers who are literally killing our most vulnerable children.

Pay me in exposure if you have nothing else to give.

Knowledge is power, share the knowledge of my existence with your friends.

Hack their feed by asking them to share.

We're strong, but only if we act together.

Connect everyone, protect everyone.

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Honestly, the biggest transition from England to Canada was the whole “tax added after thing” because I was used to seeing £11.99 and paying £11.99 and now it’s like I’m seeing $12.39 and then paying $13.99 like waaaaatttttt
Also I was like “who is Tim Horton? And why does everyone love hockey so much? And what is a maple tree??????”

Fear (-) 

I’m a pretty tough bitch, if I do say so myself. I can give birth, wipe poop, be pooped on, peed on, puked on, I can fight if I need to, and I can definitely stand up for myself. But tell me to eat a chicken I cook myself when my husband won’t be home to check it or eat it? Nope sorry can’t do that. I get riddled with fear, I cry thinking about it. What the hell is wrong with me that I’m THAT scared of food but I can stare in the eyes of a man holding a knife to my throat fearlessly?

To my next door neighbour;
Usually I’d be pissed at your obnoxiously loud music at 12am, but oddly enough I’m in a shitty mood and you have good music taste so it actually cheered me on! I’ll let it slide this once 😂

Fucking dog drank my baby’s milk so now I have a screaming hungry baby and a dog about to shit through the eye of a needle. Worse -> even worser

To the douches outside my apartment:
My baby just got to sleep after a very cranky teething day, you’re like 10 years old, learn a bit of respect and SHUT UP please and thank you. Sry not sry.
Love, a tired mom.

I literally need friends! My age preferably with a young child so I don’t sound crazy when I say “ohhhh good boy that’s so cute... no that doesn’t go there silly” 😂😂

I feel incredibly proud of my husband. He’s back at work and applying for his Master’s.
I’m also proud that he managed to housebreak our puppy so I have less work 😂

Um. I left the site for like less than a day... so can someone catch me up on what all this shade and drama and abuse shit is about coz I’m so confused rn... :blobugh: :blobugh: :blobugh:

To my 6 month old;
I’m sure that the food tastes really good, so please try and not get it up your nose, down your shirt, on your legs and arms, or spatter it into my hair 😂😂

When it’s 1:30 am and the midnight nightmare was just a bit too bad for you to go back to sleep again

When you watch American Ninja Warrior and a 19 year old is the first to beat the course and you’re here, a 20 year old, barely having the strength to carry 4 shopping bags home from a store across from the street :patcat:

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