Before people ask: Yes NewPipe is broken and yes Tobi fixed it. A release will soon been on its way :)

i saw a release yesterday vers.0.18.1
Works fine :)

Maybe because it's broken, as @theScrabi helpfully pointed out in the message that you're replying to.

It'll probably take a day or two to make its way via #fdroid anyway. In the meanwhile, I imagine you could always downgrade if this absolutely gets in the way of your daily procrastination activities.

Thanks. I noticed that today and thought it was by design, to get people off YouTube.

(In my defence, it was a rare actually useful video that I was trying to watch)

@fatuus it brakes due to code changes on YT site. That happens from time to time.

@theScrabi 🙏🏼Thank you so much for your work guys, one of the best apps ever.

@theScrabi what happens? does google change their encryption or something?

@virtualparticlesoup no its an always returning issue with one regex string that tries to get on certain function out of youtubes javascript player. If they change the code it brakes all crawlers. NP, yt-dl, invidious etc...

@theScrabi that's probably why i should try to quit YouTube. For YouTube it seems that a non-free JavaScript player is required.. yes you can watch it using the crawlers as you said but all they have to do is change the code.. its better if we all didn't use it. But also there is the thing regarding their API.. because of that you can only comment on videos if you submit yourself to their standards. However with invidious you can comment using reddit which is quite interesting.

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