Made it into the list of the top 300 most active german github users:
Well u need to have some goal in live :toot:

Tweet von K4CG (@k4cg) um 27. März, 13:32
Adrian (13 Jahre alt, Youtuber und stocksauer) hat gleich nochmal heute um 18 Uhr am Leonhardplatz in eine Demo angemeldet. Und uns gebeten das zu promoten. Machen wir richtig gerne!

@thoughtcrime hopefully yes. This is something we need to take on next.

@thoughtcrime we changed the release proces so it should always be as fast as now :)

@Nebuchadnezzar no im sorry, you can use bitcoin however. Also we can recomend liberapay, as they are rather trustable.

@Zykino @madsugar @fdroidorg It might be my fault though somehow I forgot to put the release note into the fastlane folder so fdroid can show it :/

@Zykino @madsugar @fdroidorg we where writing a blog post as long as I know. However I was a but suprised fdroid dint mention the new version on their twif.

@uniq @jedie full ack we are open for more supported sites. There is also a dovumentation if you are interested.

@Nebuchadnezzar jo das er die letzte geschwindigkeit speichert quasi. Mach doch mal nen issue auf, und schmeiß ein bischen geld drauf :)

@thoughtcrime yes we are already wotking on it.
Tge way it will work is that NP wipl remember tge last tap that was open.

@hontoni @FranzVHahn @kuketzblog Die legecy app wird von uns entwickelt. Wir haben sie gemacht um ältere Geräte zu unterstützen.

@thomic krasse these. Du solltest sie an eine Kirchentür nageln.

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