gf got me a psychoneuroimmunology book for birthday this is great

the riskiness of whisking fricassee with frisky trinkets

i'm not feeling quite myself, but then
who am i feeling?
who am i? feeling

"Quibbling quills never quit," she quotes. "Quibbling quills never quit."

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The quarry queen quivers, quietly questioning quails' qualia

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Quixotic queries over qwerty for the queer quarry queen

> addition and multiplication each have one inverse but exponentiation has two because it's *not commutative*

this was a strangely helpful bit of insight. i feel like it should have been obvious, but i am sorta not smart.

Does anyone have recommended reading on avoidance behavior?

want to make an instance that only allows e-prime (no conjugations of the verb "to be")

Best pope/king throwdown: "In a papal manifesto in 1075, [Pope Gregory VII] withdrew from the king the right of deposing bishops and of lay investiture. Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV responded by attempting to oust Gregory from the Apostolic See with the words "Descend, descend, thou ever accursed," to which Gregory responded in turn by excommunicating the emperor... [Henry] waited for three days to present himself barefoot in the snow to receive the pope's abolution."- Fukuyama p 265

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