Currently attempting to produce an archival copy of a CD with intentional mastering irregularities that acts as copy protection. This is going to be tricky!

About 1/5 of the way through the disc is a ring of invalid non-data. As far as a CD drive is concerned, it’s damage on the disc and can’t be read!

The disc also contains a file with a misreported size (1.8GB, on a 700MB disc), and some of its “content” is mapped to that ring.

The rip has now been running for maybe 40 hours, and has spent most of that chugging through only about 2000 sectors. Hoping I break through the protection ring soon.

It actually finished! It took in the region of 72-80 hours total.

For those wondering about the infamous disc - here it is. You can see the security ring, the bastard himself, clearly visible just outside of the inner ring. The region on either side of that ligher-coloured ring contains valid data in a single data track.

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