On this day we mourn the passing of Ivory Salter who passed away in 1991. We thank the .

The boys arrive at the vineyard of the family and, get an unexpected reception committee to greet them...


Preparing for the first shipment of ! If you didn't make it into the first 10 to apply, don't panic, someone may dropout, their will go to the next person in line.

Today is your last chance to get a replica cap! Use the email in the image to register for yours. These are Limited Edition & is a once in a lifetime offer. Registration closes at midnight tonight! Emails to those who are successful go out this Wednesday with further information.

There are just 10 of these reproduction Caps. Made to be exact replica's of the original used in the series. There will be no more made. This is your only opportunity to get one. READ THIS THREAD CAREFULLY & IN FULL! Use email in the image to register your interest by 1st December. Strictly 1st come, 1st served. Genuine 'One Time Only' commission from the creator (a true Tripod fan). The 1st ten people to email will be given details of price & how to pay.

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