@gme chill. Did not mean any offence. :) was just explaining.

Yep a local host should have something interesting.

@gme yes. But that does in no way beat my ability to spend 5-6$ a month.

Paying 60-72$ upfront and commiting an year does not make sense.

Why even show a no thly option. As well say xxx$ for a year.

To make it more clear. Spending 72$ here in India can mean some people will have lss than 50$ to use that month.

@gme its in INR ₹
That is the only difference. Can't find a monthly rate. :(

@gme entire point of a monthly expense is so that you have an option to end and exit if need be and keep the initial overhead low.

@gme does not at all help when they bill yearly. That is like saying you can have this Tesla car for 100 bucks a month but you need to pay for ten years in advance.

Firefox letting you mute individual tabs is something I never knew I needed but I love it.

@gme the self hosted version doesn't enable proper federation and the hosted one is too expensive at 8$

I am looking for a , blogging system where people can follow, comment and share across the network. is too noisy and us not meant to be a blog first system.

@gme U2F devices have the same fate. Really should move on to a more flexible key management and signing system.

@Dark_Shroud you are right.

Even with all that if at all a new user do try to make a attempt he won't be heard for ages. It will take years for him to build enough followers to even be able to get his words to like 200 people.

Didn't see that one coming.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Monero wasn't created by either the NSA or the FBI.
RT @WIRED@twitter.com This should worry anyone who spends the Monero cryptocurrency today, and anyone who spent it in the past wired.trib.al/bh5UYDN

@vagnes Don't get me wrong, I HATE the fact that the NSA even exists. Huge fan of Edward Snowden and think he's a National Hero. BUT I'm a pragmatist and I'm a realist, and I don't let fear, uncertainty, and doubt cloud or direct my judgement or my actions.

MOST of the arguments against Google and proprietary software are just that. FUD.

Even Edward Snowden uses Google Hangouts when he's giving speeches ever notice?

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