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The highest court in this country had asked the govt, how they were protecting the data of a billion citizens.

Their answer : we have 10x4 walls around the data centre.

This weeks:

@theaduditor I abandoned whatsapp as soon as I heard facebook bought it. There is no way they don't data mine it.

Is it just me or is more active and welcoming than

I feel one of the biggest issues with the original diaspora design was that it was never made on an API first approach.

Glad to see the addressing it.

Learning from Indian govt.

1. Design a dystopian surveillance tool.

2. Implement it without due process.

3. Ignore and not enforce a court order against it.

4. Give shitty explanations.


Open source vs U2F 

I that end to end encryption does not work due to a very specific observation. Looking for a collective of people to work with to tear up the tech lies companies sell us.

I don't want to be tracked. I'm willing to pay not to be tracked. I'm just not willing to pay every half-assed web site not to track me. If you pollute the Internet with your links, I have the right to block your ads and subvert your tracking, because you've already wasted my time by having that link in my face to begin with.

RT - “Machine Learning is an emerging tech!”

- Hold my beer:
Logistic regression 1958
Hidden Markov Model 1960
Support Vector Machine 1963
k-nearest neighbors 1967
Artificial Neural Networks 1975
Expectation Maximization 1977
Decision tree 1986
Q-learning 1989
Random forest 1995

If you ask me is the command implemented in the smartest way in

Instead of sending them to make a sandwich why not go and make it yourself.

Would you be interested in moving to or atleast giving a try. Alternative.

Indian ministers should win the next for acting concerned about the issue. Parties from both sides were happy users of the same.

RT @APEastRegion: A measure requiring internet porn filters has been dubbed the "Elizabeth Smart Law." Smart has sent a cease-and-desist le…

me: computer, what’s the weather?

computer: who cares lol. im a Computer

Thank you @slipstream I just set the cross post up. Really wanted it.

Secure messaging is hard to get right—and it’s even harder to tell if someone else has gotten it right. This week, we’ll dive into all the ways we see this playing out, from the complexity of recommendations to the lack of consensus on technical standards.

A majority vote in Congress can stop the FCC's rollback of the Open Internet Order. Do you know where your representative stands?

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