Hotel California is about killer robots.

Fight me.

Burned through the back half of The Boys on Prime until 2 am.

The show has a nuance that I don't remember from the comic, which hated superheroes. The show hates the corporation that finances and benefits from them, and therefore makes them greedy, desperate, corrupted or monstrous.

Same with The Boys themselves, it humanizes all of them in a way I only remember Butcher and Wee Hughie getting in the book.

Violent, but scales back on Ennis's over-the- top shock humor.

Highly recommended.

The Boys on Amazon Prime is so fucking good. Worth the price of admission for the punk rock soundtrack alone.

Tonight's debate format: Fury Road SHINY AND CHROME WITNESS ME TO VALHALLA

I'm disappointed there has apparently been no breakthroughs in beer hat technology since 1988.

Just played a game of Amazon Roulette with a $150 Pilot fountain pen.

Don't get me wrong, I want the pen, but not with the electrician coming Monday...

On the days when I can ignore all the administrative and planning and personnel crap, and just sit down and develop something useful? Those are the days I love my fucking job.

Sadly, those days happen more and more on Saturdays.

Goddammit people, first of all, the season is okay, if rushed like last season. Second, even if the show sucks, the original books about the ending are right there on the sh...

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@theamericanjerk UPDATE 2: Funny story: SHE didn't hose her login. She got one of those, "We're from Windows, and you have a virus" phone calls, and didn't hang up. :blobpats:

Correlation != causation, but I'm guessing the cause behind her other complaints that money has disappeared from her bank account.

So she has been warned not to respond to those calls, my SO will be following up to help her close her bank account, and she will NEVER BE GIVEN THAT ADMIN PASSWORD WHILE I AM ALIVE.

@theamericanjerk - UPDATE: she hosed her main account so badly I couldn't even log in.

Bought a cheap laptop, installed Chrome with AdblockPlus, And LibreOffice.

Set up fake "Word", "Excel" and "IE" shortcuts on her desk, icons included, to trick her into the right apps. Set Libre to save as MS Office formatted docs.

Most important: I set up a user-level account, and didn't give her the password for the admin account.

Now I have a mini tower to image with Ubuntu and find a use for. :toot:

My defacto mother in law is coming for lunch and hauling her tower computer here for free tech support.

I am strongly weighing driving over to the Staples at the end of the block and buying a brand new laptop to hand her to save myself the fucking aggravation.

Of course, what she NEEDS is an Ubuntu box where only I hold the sudo password, but I'd get further offering her free herpes - I have a Chromebook she refused because it was "too complicated."

tl;dr - Someone please shoot me.

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I want this so that I may destroy my enemies.


This is the FX-2 Giant Human Riding Robot from KAIST HuboLab and Rainbow Robotics. Designed to enhance humans, rather than replace them


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Move over Jordan Peterson this veterinary handbook contains the real rules for life

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In hindsight, having 99.999% of our planet's vast computational capacity dedicated to hedge funds and web browser ad malware bots fighting each other for scraps of cash is pretty much exactly what we should have expected, extrapolating from WarGames and throwing in the one surprise that the forever war of capitalism hasn't yet gone fully nuclear.

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“Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will pee on your computer”

I have never liked Venom as a character. I always thought he represented the worst* of the Marvel's 90s Image Age of comics sins.

Donny Cates's and Ryan Stegman's run on Venom, however, is Goddamned SPECTACULAR.

The first two runs are out in trade now, and totally worth the $38 Yankee dollars they'll set you back.

*Yes, worse than Spider-Clone, which was also terrible. But at least that story's catastrophic failure contributed to ushering in Bendis's Ultimate Spider-Man.

Man don't want to get teary at work, man shouldn't listen to Warren Zevon on shuffle is all I'm saying

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