Goddammit media, can we stop the scare campaign about kids smoking pot with e-cigarettes? Just as many kids get their weed with brownies, but nobody's calling for Betty Crocker's head.

Leave my e-cig alone. I'm not trying to corrupt kids or blow obnoxious clouds or make a fashion statement. I'm just trying to not buy a carton of Marlboros for the first time in eight years of sucking on this stupid plastic toy and die faster than the alcohol's already killing me.

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My girl just realized and pointed out that, in 1991, James Cameron probably just wrote John Connor as Bart Simpson with an R rating, and now I can't unsee it.

I think I'd like Terminator 2 better if John Connor was played by a better actor than Edward Furlong. Like the kid from Alf, or a Charlie McCarthy dummy, or an empty space the other actors said their lines to.

Part of me thinks James Cameron chases his ocean depth record daredevilry because The Abyss was his last happy memory of a life where Edward Furlong wasn't his fault.

Sneakers on DVD was precisely the right choice to make me feel like the seven Goddammed hours I spent refactoring work code this morning was somehow noble and exciting and not a complete waste of one of the dwindling number of Sundays between me and the fucking grave

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The Amazing story of Spider-man's love story with Maryjane, chapter one: They were supposed to break up.

No, really.

Dear Marvel Studios:

No matter how much money you spend, or how many former Game of Thrones actors you hire, you cannot make anyone give a shit about Iron Fist or The Inhumans.

Thank you for your attention.

We will now return to our regular scheduled Infinity War 2 countdown.

Dear Turner Classic Movies Wine Club please send me a case of William Holden muscatel

So my girl's working late and the cat won't eat downstairs if she's not here so I'm watching Brando and drinking beer in the bedroom like I'm 17 hiding my shame from Mom and I guess this is my life now

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“Mookie why do you still buy movies on physical media?” This is a good reason why. I won’t switch to digital for movies until digital movies are free from DRM, can be downloaded and are of the same quality as the physical media version.



"Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill."

- Blade, 1998
- Me, after every design review meeting, 2018

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semicharmed.net is being retired now. It was fun playing with #pleroma. I'm going back to using @mookie as my main Fediverse instance.

Why I'm staying with Mastodon (for now).


#mastodon #pleroma

10 hours today of trying to explain to various junior people that you can use a class as a property of another class and I'm ready to jump into a river with an iron abacus tied around my neck

I haven't logged into the birdsite in a week or so.

Downside: I don't get some news immediately. However, finding out Burt Reynolds was dead two hours after Twitter didn't change my life.

Upside: I have to get my news from the newspaper or the radio, which informs me just as much as Twitter ever did, but fills me with 2/3rds less rage.

Plus, a statistically significant number of political figures can no longer reach me directly to try to make me Fear The Other.

10/10 Would abandon again.

Thanks to kind blogging / tutorials / passive encouragement of @mookie I just created a Digital Ocean account to maybe screw around with creating a Pleroma instance.

I will wait until I am sober to take any further concrete steps in such a direction.

So, the Hereditary Blu-ray: of all movies in recent memory, why doesn't this one have a director's commentary? It's a puzzle box that plays fair, and I'd love to hear the director's thoughts.

Streaming video is great, but it has really killed the poor man's film school that was the DVD commentary of the early 2000s.

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