Watching Still/Born on Shudder and somehow I'm not finding the concept of a supernatural force that steals your baby leaving you with only free time and disposable income particularly scary

I love that our pellet stove keeps an easy fire in the hearth all winter, and how much it saves us on our electric heating bills.

But with three months left before spring, the Goddamned ash vacuum is already haunting my nightmares like a dirty, malevolent, lime green Artoo Deetoo.

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@theamericanjerk Both the cat and the server survived, BTW.

Proof of life:

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Picked up The Complete D.R. & Quinch today, some early 2000 AD stuff by Alan Moore and Alan Davis, which was an embarrassing hole in my Moore bibliography.

The second arc is a DIRECT lift from the Penis House vignette from National Lampoon's O.C. & Stiggs, which you can (and should) read for free:

Yet another example of Moore being "inspired" by existing works. Also a rare example of Moore trying to be broadly, slapsticky funny. So far, a lift, but still fun.

Backing up my home automation Z-Wave controller with the fidgety cat sitting right next to the computer which means for the next five minutes both my home automation system and my cat are both alive and dead.

Matt Groening - totally getting me since late 1989.

Thanks to Arcade1Up and their affordable arcade machine replicas I finally know, after nearly 40 years, that the sweet spot where I'm relaxed enough to move confidently enough around the screen to clear the forth rack in Asteroids, but not so relaxed that my fine motor skills betray me and my ship's crew, lies at five beers.

Why yes, I am a licensed operator of motor vehicles. Why do you ask?

Looks like after Saturday night's double feature I got drunk and lost Amazon Roulette.

I used to lurk here when I was getting back into superhero comics in the early 2000s. It was awesome.

The fact that Tom Cavanagh from The Flash doesn't have like three Emmys is criminal. He's played like seven characters in four-ish years, for God's sake.

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<< the history of computers is one of people asking "whats the worst that could happen" and then finding out >>

"Claus? I heard you were dead."

"... Call me Santa."

So, the Mandy movie:

I saw half of Panos Cosmatos's first movie, Beyond the Black Rainbow, and found it visually stunning, but bloodless, and something I'd need to return to after a few beers to enjoy.

Mandy was deliberately paced, but beautiful and totally immersing.

It's a complete original. And an unintended perfect second feature to Touch of Evil, which I watched just before, where Charlton Heston played the LEAST motivated and devoted husband in history.

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I was an awkward teenager. Now I'm an awkward old man...

At my funeral, I'm gonna have a Warren Zevon song announced. When they're all expecting Keep Me In Your Heart, I'm gonna hit them with Mr. Bad Example.

Or maybe I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.

Possibly Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead.

The point is, Warren Zevon contains multitudes, and remains underrated.

@theamericanjerk @theamericanjerk Is Jackie Brown in the Blacula cinematic universe asking for a friend and not fanfic I swear

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