Hey yall listen up my boost buddy needs some clout, go annoy them and follow them @thearcanegay

thank mammoth @starwall appreciates me and this shitty keyboard

I'm trying so hard to get clout and honestly you don't even appreciate it like I;m usin a reall fuckin keyyboooord!!

Sometimes I receive cryptic messages, echoes of memes that pass me by, and I wonder, hwhat

running a train on someone 

i turn and face god
"So this is... What it all really was? Some elaborate prank show?"
"yeah buddy eat shit kachow."

my water is back on because i hacked the tap by quietly pleading with it at 4am, you're welcome, come over for a sip

I've seen clams you people wouldn't believe. Harvest Tivela stultorum while sea otters watch off the beach in Morro Bay. I watched Pedum spondyloideum glitter in the corals in the Gulf of Aqaba. All those moments will be cemented in time... like a mussel in the surf... Time to publish.

my existence on this site brings up the average hotness and decreases the average attention span

i look like my mum but with aggressive jazz hands and a milk allergy

me: i’m gonna punch you in your face, anderson cooper

anderson cooper:

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