It's a great day for a podcast! Who wants to hear about Sandboxes in Table Top RPGS like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder?

@theartofgamemastery I mean, it's pretty universally regarded as the best aspect of the change from 1e to 2e

'Okay so why is there a huge black thing right in front of my entrance?'
I'd guess something like this was probably what this was thinking.

This was in a field that I walked through while on vacation, where at one point I caught a glimpse of the mouse.
After looking for it I found this little hole where it was running in and out of. So I did the only logical thing, lay down and wait for half an hour to get some photos. :blobmiou:

Have a nice Saturday!

»Dune« im Kino geguckt und Lust bekommen, die Herrschaft über die Galaxie an sich zu reißen? Hier kommen sechs spannende neue Spiele für mehr Weltraum im Wohnzimmer.
Neue Weltraum-Brettspiele: Im Schrott-Raumschiff zum Wüstenplaneten
#TestsundEmpfehlungen #Brettspiele #Gesellschaftsspiele #Spiele #GamesundGadgets #Games

Linux / Proton +the Steam Deck support for the anti cheat method BattlEye?


No additional work is required by the developer besides that communication.

Partners have started turning on BattlEye support for their titles, meaning these games are now working on STEAM DECK.

Valve and Steam are committed on pushing Linux gaming further.

#Valve #BattlEye #anticheat #support #Steam #Linux #gaming #SteamDeck #games #Proton #Wine #Codeweavers

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