RT @JershCarroll@twitter.com: Snatched from the streets, beaten and locked up - this is how a celebrated charity ‘rescues’ sex workers. My story: bit.ly/2P36Kec.

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This is the super-rare Larimar mineral. Is a variation of pectolite (the blue color is the result of copper substitution for calcium) found only in the Dominican Republic.

(source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larimar)

#mineral #larimar #stone #pectolite

"Human Rights Watch, the New York-based advocacy organization, accused both the Western-backed Palestinian Authority and its rival, Hamas, the Islamist militant group that controls Gaza, of routinely using arbitrary arrest and torture as tools to crush dissent.

The systematic practice of torture by the two authorities might amount to a crime against humanity and could be prosecutable at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the report said."


Updated the art, added a practice area. Give it a shot and give me feedback pease 😬: driftu.io


"Rationality has no place in matters of faith".

The only dissenting judge in the Savarimala Temple Entry case may have made the best line.

While our own country's Central (federal) govt threw petty money at us for flood relief our state received hefty donations from counties such as and others for relief and rehabilitation.

So we decided to thank them in their own language. شكر#

Hello guys. Been away doe to . We just finished major relief works of about a week today.

Rehabilitation is the next major step.

This junior of mine from school has been outdoing herself for quite some time, now this is just wooow. by


groups: I have an idea, we learned this, this company is doing amazing work, why did this one fail.

startup group: the next pitch is this week, let us discuss why gov should do this, here is an awesome founder.

startup group: small firm but awesome idea, fund raising tips, let's work on this

startup group: Database of VCs, Database of Indians, database of seven dwarfs and the of zukerbergs underpants collection.

Anyone here who uses

Maneesh de Moor has two beautiful albums there.


@bajpangosh I am using a cross post system so that all my toots are posted to twitter and hence mastodon grows. Try it man.

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