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Blaise M Crowly

This junior of mine from school has been outdoing herself for quite some time, now this is just wooow. by

groups: I have an idea, we learned this, this company is doing amazing work, why did this one fail.

startup group: the next pitch is this week, let us discuss why gov should do this, here is an awesome founder.

startup group: small firm but awesome idea, fund raising tips, let's work on this

startup group: Database of VCs, Database of Indians, database of seven dwarfs and the of zukerbergs underpants collection.

Anyone here who uses

Maneesh de Moor has two beautiful albums there.

@bajpangosh I am using a cross post system so that all my toots are posted to twitter and hence mastodon grows. Try it man.

also i still don't think that constantly insulting the guy who gave you all this for free and still does most of the work is a good idea, but i'm a 'coder' so i'm an idiot

@theauditor f-droid is having build problems, but this bug will be fixed in 1.7.0

I think both Google and Apple are making a huge mistake: their short device lifecycles are good for profit, but the space is ripe for the "innovation" of not having to buy a new phone every two years.

Why not legalization and regulation? All legal systems and law enforcement do the work of structural racism. Full decriminalization takes the issue out of government and 'law enforcement' completely, recognizing they have no authority regarding people's choices in these matters.

Bacteria are 2/3 of all Earth's biodiversity, 1/2 of that from bacteria called 'candidate phyla radiation.' Archaea and eukaryotes, including humans, make up another 1/3. The red dots are lineages that cannot, at present, be isolated and grown in the lab.