To be clear: I'm already a member of instances that has and even this one ( suspended.

But I occasionally am on and as a result, I have to block accounts one by one as I come across them. It's tedious af but until such time, that's what will happen until further notice.

I'd like to think everyone will get their shit together by then but these are human beings we're talking about here. History shows that we seldom do learn from the mess we make.

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As I said, I have been put through that before.

I am not risking that happening to me again.

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And to be perfectly frank with you, the beef between the people involved with the melodrama is none of my goddamn business and I'd like it to stay that way.

Hence my reasons to block any and everyone from Keep it in the family. I'm sure some of you are lovely people and all of you are at least somewhat decent but the dubious tactics you're reliant on in keeping the beef simmering in public is off-putting, unethical, and giving me enough reasons to avoid interaction with you.

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Worse still, imagine being the only one abiding by the code of ethics established by you and who you thought you could trust then waking up one morning to find all of your dirty laundry strewn across social media; virtually all of which has the context removed and pieced back together with complete fabrications.

That shit is hard to bounce back from and no amount of anger can justify it.

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My thing is this: you can't take back whatever heinous accusations you make. It's like firing a gun. Once you pull that trigger, you can't pretend like this is a video game where you can reverse time and revise your actions.

Apart from anything else, I know all too well about making private spats public and being the only one left to clean up the mess. It's demoralising, humiliating, and exhausting; even more so when you suffer from really bad social anxiety like I do.

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That's the truncated version. There's so much more to it but the bottom line is: I can't trust anyone from an instance that dabbles in that kind of behaviour.

I'm very much a person who will bring the fight to you over what you actually have done. I don't need to fabricate reasons as a means to incite mass hatred and prompt my associates to bombard you with life-changing harassment. The truth is more than sufficient and I don't need an army to hold you accountable.

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It's also triggering, as there is a quite prominent someone over on Birdsite who ran a smear campaign against me and my wife in 2017 behind my back.

The reason? They fell in love with me despite being long distance, I had no idea, and they took their indignation out on me after my wife and I became a thing and announced it publicly.

I was made out to be an abuser and a monster to their 14K+ followers without my knowing for months. During that time, I stopped them from committing suicide.

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It doesn't appear that I can suspend whole instances at the user level... or at least, I don't know how.

As such, I am blocking everyone that follows me from until further notice. The activity that I've seen where certain narratives get fabricated in order to smear someone that more influential people and admins of an instance simply don't like or fell out with for whatever reason is reeks of what I absolutely abhor about cultural events like Gamergate and sites like Twitter as praxis.

The Other Placeℒ️ 

The sooner Twitter is set aflame and reduced to ashes, the better.

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The Other Placeℒ️ 

So it's apparently racist to call Nazis "Nazis" now.

This is according to a so-called "egalitarian" Jasonafex whose priors include:

πŸ‘ŽπŸΏ saying punching children prepares them for real life πŸ‘ŽπŸΏ has declared on the record "trans women are not real women"
πŸ‘ŽπŸΏ notorious for building up a brand of being an edge lord over on Fur Affinity
πŸ‘ŽπŸΏ often parrot's his GF's (fursona: Genesis) bigotry

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s/o to all tooters making art in any form, it's not easy In These Trying Times and it's tempting to just give in so for those of you still rocking it i respect the shit out of you

and for those of you who can't find the juice/energy/funds to make the art you wanna make because of Circumstances know that i respect the shit out of you too

finally for those of you who don't know how to Do An Art it's super fuckin cool and important of you to support those who do in whatever way you can ok ily bye

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Anne is a 13 year old diabetic and once a month we run a 12 hour curve on her glucose, meaning her ear gets pricked for blood every two hours. She handles the entire ordeal with grace.

Boost if you think Anne is braver than the troops.

Shout out to @MiPnamic for the Pawoo recommendation. This is a brilliant application for iOS. I want to try the others but I'm scared to as the bar has been set very very high now that I use Pawoo. πŸ˜‚

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*to the tune of Africa by Toto*

🎢 🎢 🎢

So NXT Takeover Brooklyn was just incredible last night.

It might be a minor thing to be psyched about but I love the NXT PPV theme selection. Reminds me of when the main roster shows would always be on point with the music.

Takeover Brooklyn IV's theme this year was by the artist grandson. It's called Blood//Water. It's banging. Naturally, I decided to listen to some of his other work

Holy shit, I love this guy.

So other than 11t and Amaroq, what are some Mastadon iOS apps that come highly recommended?

I'm still using my busted iPhone 6S Plus until I get my P20 Pro unlocked so I don't get to use the latter much until there's wifi about.

It's been raining quietly all morning and it's such a beautiful backdrop to waking up next to the Mrs for the first time since April.

It's probably to do with the fact that we both know that neither one of us have to worry about living in two separate countries any more.

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You know what's refreshing?

Being able to hide how many followers I have and how many people I'm following.

Simple things like that take away from the allure of being caught up in the realm of engagements (because it's undeniably addictive as fuck) and brings the 'social' back to social media.

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